Ismael Mingarro becomes part of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Society of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

  • November 22nd, 2016
Ismael Mingarro

Ismael Mingarro, full university professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry in the UV, has been chosen spokesperson of the Spanish Society of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry for the next four years. The teacher and researcher highlights that being part of this entity ‘is a recognition which promotes the work carried out by the Valencian biochemists and of the UV in the rest of the country and will serve as a nexus between the achieved scientific advances and society.”

Professor Mingarro leads the Membrane Proteins group (, has published numerous scientific articles in international magazines of recognised prestige, and has led nine doctoral theses (three of them Doctorate Extraordinary Prize of the UV). Furthermore, he has evaluated scientific projects for various international agencies (Norway, France, Canada, etc.). He is also secretary of the Doctoral School of the UV since 2015. 

The Spanish Society of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (SEBBM) was created at the beginning of the 60s and is aimed at the promotion of research and transparency of knowledge, the improvement of teaching, to favour contacts between Spanish researchers and to contribute to the internationalisation of the Spanish science. In addition, it has become a platform for the diffusion of scientific aspects of public interest.

The election of Ismael Mingarro was made in the last congress of the Society, held last September in Salamanca.
More information at the web of SEBBM: