Jardí Botànic celebrates its Science Week with conferences, guided tours and exhibitions

Imatge del Jardí Botànic (Foto: Coke).
Imatge del Jardí Botànic (Foto: Coke).

From 18-24 November, Jardí Botànic of Universitat de València celebrates its Science Week. There will be conferences, guided tours and an open day (Sunday 24).

Also, it will be launched by the YouTube Channel a video entitled ‘Un Jardí de ciència’ (A science’s Garden), which consists of four individual videos that will be uploaded from 18-21 November, and a complete video of four interventions, which will upload on 22. 

On Thursday (21), at Hort de Tramoieres hall, at 7:00 p.m., the director of Jardí Botànic, Jaime Güemes, will give a conference entitled ‘Conservació de flora: perquè, qui i com’ (Flora’s preservation: why, who and how). 

The preservation of biodiversity is an urgent necessity to ensure the life on Earth and how we know it. The preservation of the Valencian flora can’t be foreign to this necessity. From more than 30 years, Jardí Botànic of Universitat de València hs been involved in this task, working closely with the Public Administration. But, 21st Century has changed the citizenship’s participation that has affected to its involvement in the plants preservation too. The denominated citizen science has played a par in the last decades to increase the knowledge about which we can analyse the state of threat of plant species.

There will be also guided tours to Jardía Botànic and to the two exhibitions of small reserves on Sunday 24 November. There will be three passes: at 11:00, 12:00 and 1:00 p.m. Lasting two hours.

The guided tours for children will be also on Sunday at 11:30 and 12:30 p.m. Lasting one hour. It will relate to a visit and a workshop of aromatic plants by Ginko Educación. The workshop shows where can be found the scent of the plants, its role in nature and how can be used. 

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