La Tenda de la Universitat sells the responsible shopping basket: local produce and solidary consumption

  • June 14th, 2017
Cistella responsable.

La Tenda de la Universitat is a point of sale of the responsible basket. It is an initiative that allows the contribution to the consumption of local products and that has a solidary aspect since the fruits and vegetables are delivered by people with functional diversity. Any member of the university community can buy the responsible basket. But at the moment, the distribution only takes place at the Tenda de la Universitat located at the Tarongers Campus.

The responsible basket is an initiative developed by the Special Centre of Occupation CEDAT which is dependent on the foundation of the Universitat Politécnica de Valencia with the same name. The purpose of this foundation is the social and labour integration of people with functional diversity.

The initiative Responsible Basket is a bet for a responsible use model that contributes to the integration of people with disabilities. This project gives the opportunity to have access to ecological, local and seasonal products and at the same time it helps to build a more solidary and committed society. In that way, the proximity to the Valencian vegetable gardens is valued. Moreover, this system allows the direct purchase of local products without intermediaries.

It is a delivery service of baskets full of seasonal, local and ecological vegetables. There are two types of baskets, one which is medium-sized and costs 12€ and a big one of 18€. The basket is free delivered by girls and boys of the foundation. It can also be picked up at the sale point of the campus (La Tenda of the Tarongers Campus).

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