Universitat de València presents “La Economía del Bien Común” a Docufòrum programme


On 4th October, Palau Cerveró held the presentation of the documentary about Economy for the Common Good. The Docufòrum programme collects some audio-visual aids produced by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Society of Universitat de València, in collaboration with TAU.

In the presentation, which was held in the “Sala de Conferencias” at the Palau Cerveró, had taken part in the vice-principal of Territorial Projection and Society, Jorge Hermosilla on behalf of the principal Maria Vicenta Mestre; the Valencian Minister of the Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Employment, Rafael Climent; and the director of the Chair for Economy for the Common Good, Joan Ramón Sanchis.

The documentary “La Economía del Bien Común” underlines this economic model based on confidence, cooperation, regard, democracy and solidarity. The audio-visual aid shows the business experiences done in Valencian territory and gives voice to the main actors who analyses the pros and cons of this economic model.

The principal of the Universitat de València has said through a virtual format that Docufòrum programme shows “the modernity of our Universitat, which celebrates this year 500 years” and has underlined that Docufòrum is also “another proof of the university-society relation of the vice-principal of Territorial Projection and Society”.  Maria Vicenta Mestre has thanked the work of Taller d’Audiovisuals, “which works to bring closer the research that it is made in the different areas of the Universitat de València.

The Valencian Minister Rafael Climent has claimed that “a force for any change is in society, it is necessary to make social conscience, for that reason it is important to spread more this kind of economy, to publicize more, so that people could understand that we want a better world for the future generations”.

Joan Ramón Sanchis has thanked this opportunity to make a documentary about Economy for the Common Good, because it is a format which could make possible “to disseminate the research that it is done by the Chair and to explain to people the concept of economy for the common good, and for that reason it is going to contribute to create a society focused on the common good, in conclusion, a fairer and more caring society”.

Docufòrum: a multi-disciplinary and media project

Docufòrum is an audio-visual format which is led by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Society and which is made in high quality (HQ) by the Taller d’Audiovisuals de la Universitat (TAU), and which deals with actual topics of social interest in a documentary style. The documentaries are 20 minutes long and in each one of them there are opinions of specialists as well as from the Universitat de València as from the social or business field.

Currently, the Docufòrum programme has about twenty audio-visuals aids that deal with topics about the Valencian territory and society: social economy, cultural landscapes, social exclusion, education, employment… The dissemination of the documentaries will be done in 3 levels. On the one hand, they will be projected in the Valencian Territory in a programme of discussion forums that said Vice-Principal will organise in the Valencian Region. Furthermore, these documentaries will be available in the education institutions of the Valencian Community due to an agreement of Universitat de València and the Valencian Ministry of Education. Finally, the Valencian television channel, À punt, will emit the documentaries, whose format is being finished. 

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