Literature, music or economics in Unisocietat’s conferences on December

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Society
  • December 3rd, 2019

The programme of multidisciplinary conferences complement the academic course of Unisocietat, which currently counts already on 1.700 students between 12 headquarters. This month will give Unisocietat’s conferences in Alzira, Bétera, Benetússer, Cullera, l’Eliana, Massamagrell, Paterna, Quart de Poblet, Requena, Riba-roja de Túria and Ontinyent.

Bétera holds the first conference of the month, entitled Leer Frankenstein, o el moderno Prometeo en el siglo XXI (Reading Frankenstein, or the modern Prometheus in 21st Century). The Professor of Contemporary History of Universitat de València, Isabel Burdiel, will analyse how and why Frankenstein has become one of the most lasting myths of the occidental world.

Literature is again the lead of an Unisocietat’s conference, in this case in Ontinyent, given by Sergio Arlandis (Language and Literature Learning), which will be about the tools for the literary training and will explain how heroes in youth literature are made.

Benetússer holds the conference ¿Qué es el greenwashing? No todo lo verde es eco... (What is greenwashing? All green isn’t eco...) given by Professor Walesska Schlesinger (Commercialization and Market Reasearch), which reveals the bad practices that some companies made when they present a, eco-friendly product, without being so.

Following the topic of business marketing, Massamagrell will hold a conference about gastronomic tourism, given by the Professor Clara Martínez (Business Manager), who will comment how gastronomy has been consolidated in Spain as one differential factor that helps to build the brand image and the position of a tourist destination.

Music will be topic tackled in the conferences in Quart de Poblet and l’Eliana. Specifically, opera will be the lead in Quart de Poblet, where Professor Teresa Izquierdo (History of Art) will give the entitled conference Carmen, Violeta, Tosca: la pasión en la ópera romántica (Carmen, Violeta, Tosca: passion in Romatinc Opera). Jazz, will be the musical genre analysed in l’Eliana at the conference: Jazz: una historia interminable (Jazz, never-ending story), by Vicent Lluís Fontelles (Teaching of Musical, Visual and Corporal Expression).

Another great topic that tackles the conferences programme of Unisocietat is economics. María Dolores Furió (Financial and Actuarial Economics) will deal with one of the current biggest challenges: energetic sustainability and growth. Paterna will hold this talk that will review possibilities of sustaining a balanced development that ensured the wellness of population with a natural resource use as sustainable as possible.

On his behalf, Professor Carlos Ochando (Economics Applied) will be in Alzira, where he will analyse the last pension reforms and the equality and wellness effects. Ochando will analyse the best funding option for the continuity of the public pension system that is the basis of the welfare state (such as health and education).

Riba-roja de Túria will hold the conference ¿Qué sabemos de los impuestos? Desmontando mitos y leyendas urbanas (What do we know about taxes? Dismantling myths and urban legends), by Pura Peris. The Professor of Financial Law will explain how an unjustified reduction of taxes can directly impact in reducing services and can lead to undermine the right of citizenship to benefit equally from public goods and services regardless its economic capacity to take part in the support of public spending, so in that way, those who have less can benefit of this worthy services.

The multidisciplinary conferences cycle of Unisocietat also tackles in cinema. Cullera will hold the conference Cine y mujeres (Films and Women) by Áurea Ortiz (History of Art). The Professor defends films that are made by female people is cinema and not ‘women’s cinema’, and she will explain how difficult results to get rid of this reductionism mark despite the growing number of women who directed films and these films are various with each other.

The Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Alberto Chisvert, will question the security and effectiveness of cosmetic products in Requena. Chisvert will point out the strict analytic control that requires the cosmetic products so that companies can guarantee its quality, effectiveness and security.

The conferences cycle of Unisocietat has been organised by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Society, in collaboration with the City Councils, Caixa Popular and the Diputació de Valencia (Provincial Council of Valencia). Conferences will continue monthly along the current academic year in the 12 venues: Alzira, Bétera, Benetússer, Cullera, l’Eliana, Massamagrell, Paterna, Quart de Poblet, Requena, Riba-roja de Túria, Gandia (under the designation of Unimajors) and Ontinyent (in collaboration with Caixa Ontinyent).

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