The medicine institution Real Acadèmia de Medicina awards the Medal of Honour the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Carmen Leal, Federico Pallardó, Antonio Llombart, Francisco Morales.
Carmen Leal, Federico Pallardó, Antonio Llombart, Francisco Morales.

The Real Acadèmia de Medicina de la Comunitat Valenciana (RAMCV) has awarded the Medal of Honour to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the Universitat de València. The ceremony takes places this Thursday at the Aula Magna of the last institution.

This award is an appreciation from the RAMCV to the faculty since they have a close relationship. Lots of full university professors of the Faculty have also been academicians and several deans have been presidents of the RAMCV. Besides, the faculty holds the RAMCV’s facilities since 1956.

The faculty is the sixth institution which receives this Medal of Honour in the almost 200 years of existence of the RAMCV (their first regulations were made in 1831). Previously, the Universitat de València, the University of Alacant, the College of Physicians Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Valencia, the City Hall of València and the institute Instituto Médico Valenciano (IMV) received this award too.

During the ceremony, the president of the RAMCV Antonio Llombart, the secretary of the entity Carmen Leal and the president of the IMV Francisco J.Morales took part. The Medal has been picked up by Federico Pallardó, dean of the Faculty.

Llombart, Morales and Leal have also been deans of the Faculty. Furthermore, Carmen Leal was the first full university professor of Psychiatry in Spain.

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