More than 300 students participate in the VII Congress of Pharmacy Students

  • March 28th, 2017
VII Congress of Pharmacy Students

The Universitat de València hosts on 29 and 31 of March the VII Congress of Pharmacy Students of the Universitat de València (5th International Edition). It is an annual gathering that organises AVEF (Valencian Pharmacy Students Association) and counts on the participation of more than 300 students, from different areas of Spain. It will address the professional perspectives of this sector.

The congress has the aim of improving, creating, updating and enhancing ideas in the working area and career prospects which Pharmacy degree can offer. With this in mind, some specialists in different areas will explain their point of view and experience in their working area.

Specialists in different pharmaceutical areas such as hospital, industrial and business research will participate in the debates that will take place in the next few days.

With the motto ‘El mundo farmacéutico: Innovar es nuestra misión profesional’, there will be conferences, round tables, presentations of posters, workshops and other activities such as guests, networking events, close encounters in only three days. As a new this year, active participants will be awarded through the application of the congress for mobiles phones “VI CEFUV”. It will be also awarded the presentation of scientific works.