The Museo del Prado's director and Santander Bank Finance Chair, some of the winners of the Universidad-Sociedad awards

  • Fundació Universitat-Empresa
  • January 8th, 2018
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The Museo del Prado's director, Miguel Falomir, and the Santander Bank Finance Chair are two of the awarded this year in the University-Society awards organised by Consell Social of the University of Valencia. Falomir and this chair have something in common: the link with the public institution. Falomir was a student of the University of Valencia and the Finance Chair organises activities that lets students complete their education in finance and business management.

The International Finance Chair of Santander Bank has been awarded this year in the next category: Institutional or Enterprises Chair of the University of Valencia. This section, which is new this year, was born to reward the chairs that are important because of their support in a specific area and because there is a real link with the University of Valencia. That is why this chair has been chosen; because it is organising formative activities that let bachelor students complete their formation. This chair is also a speaker to spread some topics related with economics such as finances, business management and international exposition to society. Moreover, this chair manages conferences, seminars and courses and promotes research activity for teachers to encourage them to publish books, articles and monographies.

Miguel Falomir, Alumni Plus

On the other hand, Miguel Falomir will receive this award in one of the modalities of Alumni Plus category which stands out the professional, academic and business excellence of old students of the university of Valencia. In that way, they should have an important trajectory as Falomir to show an exemplary contribution to the progress of society. The other award of the same category goes to three students: Jessica Ortega, Vincent Blay and Carolina Sanz.

Jessica Ortega, licensed in Psicology, leads the project ‘PROGRAMA PREV@CIB’, which offers the students and the teachers the tools to avoid cyberbullying. Vincent Blay is a researcher in Formation in the Doctorate in Environmental and Process Chemical Engineering programme; he also coordinates ‘Scienceart’, a platform to try to get a fluid contact between scientific and graphic people. The last one, Carolina Sanz, is studying Tourism in University of Valencia; she is also one of the coordinators of  ‘ATURI’ Project to try to promote a sustainable development in the most rural villages of Valencia’s Community though an independent tourism.

The award of the Collaboration Trajectory has gone to the Military Emergency Unit (UME) that has a collaboration agreement with the University of Valencia that makes possible the students to make stages, activities and courses that improve their education. This very close collaboration between both will make them to create a master about emergencies.

Teacher’s awarded in Teaching Excellence:

The University-Society Awards want to highlight the professionalism of some of the teachers that are working with the University of Valencia. In that way, there is the Teaching Excellence too. The five teachers awarded this year are the next ones: Vicente Cerverón, teacher of Computing School of Engineering Superior School (ETSE); Javier Molina, teacher of Didactics of the Musical, Plastic and Body Expression of the Teaching Faculty, Mª Antonia Noguera, teacher of  Pharmacology of the Faculty of Pharmacy; Margarita Parra, teacher of Organic Chemistry of the Faculty of Chemistry and Rosario Serra, teacher of Constitucional Law, Political Sciente and Administration of the Faculty of Law.

Finally, the Consell Social - through the Research and Development category- awards the actions and R&D collaboration projects between the University of Valencia groups and the companies' groups. This year the one that has been awarded is Aurora Seco, a teacher of the Chemical Engineering department who has been working with Aqualia. From this collaboration Seco could have done some works about the wuality of the coast water as well as about their recovery and the European water framework and its compliance in the Valencian Community.