Music and poetry with Colectivo Mortero in the Serenates night

  • July 7th, 2016
Music and poetry

The Cloister of La Nau hosts, this Thursday 7 July, ‘La pell possible’ (“The possible skin”), a Valencian contemporary poetry concert-recital in Valencian in charged of Colectivo Mortero. This proposal is included in the Serenates Festival. The Cloister of the UV will resound each night at 10.30pm until next Sunday. Full programme.

‘La pell possible’ (“The possible skin”) is a Valencian contemporary poetry concert-recital in Valencian. The purpose is to value the work of living poets (men and females), who are active workers. It is an interdisciplinary project of voices, live instrumental music, digital music, live voices and processed voices, video screenings and lighting design which seeks to get into the metaphysic reality of the poetic word and the effect it produces on the audience. The poetry is the closest genre to music abstraction, the one that is closer to translating human feelings and emotions into something near the narrative and comprehensible creation.
Colectivo Mortero is a company formed in 2015 by Paula Miralles (actress), Pilar Parreño (violist), Esther Vidal (violinist) and David Alarcón (composer) with the intention of developing their own artistic proposals. During their first works, they emphasize the union between music and word, and they look for different places from which the relationship between these two languages is explored. Until now, poetry has been the spotlight of their artistic research, focused on the reception of the poetry through the voice, interpretation and live music; detaching itself from the frame which captures poetry on paper reading. 

In their works, different formats, such as video, voice and its transformations, live instrumental music and electroacoustic music, are used with a view to complete the meaning that the poetic word seeks transmitting. So far, three performances have been realized including this one, which is on the borderline between musicals and performances: ‘Sollozo terrestre’ (“Earthly cry”); ‘Paisajes sonoros’ (“Resounding landscapes”) with poems of Miguel Labordeta and Carlos Fernández López; ‘Cuando tú me leas dentro de mil años’ (“When you read me in a thousand years”), Miguel Labordeta monographic; and ‘La pell possible’ (“The possible skin”), an interdisciplinary project which explores the Valencian language and its contemporary poetry in order to make it accessible.

The festival Serenates is organised by the Universitat de València and CulturArts and has the collaboration of City Hall of Valencia council, AVL, the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny of Valencia, Bancaja Foundation and Sabadell Bank Foundation.

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