The Nau holds a charitable auction for raising funds for a school in Kenia


Valencian artists take action in the work of African craftsmen in a collection called “Samaki Collection”, which will auction Friday 15 November, at 7:00 p.m., organised by the Valencian association ‘One Day Yes’ annually in Centre Cultural La Nau of Universitat de València. 21 works will be auctioned, which will be exposed from Wednesday 13 November, in Sala Oberta of La Nau.

Javier Calvo, Nassio Bayarri, Paco Roca, MacDiego, Martín Forés, Jarr, Amparo Carbonell, Rafael Amorós, Bia Santos, Lukas Ulmi, Rubén Tortorsa, Cristina Almodóvar, Xavier Monsalvatje, Sergio Barrera, Inés Fuertes, Trini Gracia, Ángel Celada, Cento Yuste, Inma Carpena, Beatriz Carbonell and Marta Gómez-Lechón are the artists who have worked with the pieces brought from Kenia for being auctioned in an event hosted by the comedian Eugeni Alemany. 

The art section, commsissioned by art consultant Carla Alabau (Carla’s List Consulting Art), in collaboration with art galleries Set Espai d’Art and Galería Thema, will also auction works donated by Valencian artist Carmen Calvo, as well as Empargrafia, Fanny Galera, Enfero Carulo, Silvia Mercé, Isabel Hidalgo, Araceli Moya, Inés Piqueras and Antonio Andrés Nicolau, among others. In addition to art, other products will be auctioned.

A school in Kenia

One Day Yes’ organises the auction for raising fund for the school Twashukuru Nursery School in Lamu (Kenia). A 100% eco-friendly school that maintains 50 children with food and education, and that it is builded with bottles.

Each year, they have achieved their goals, as the construction of classroom building, the acquisition of a boat as school transport and the launch of the nutrition programme.

This year, the challenge is guaranteed the maintenance of the soup kitchen that is opened for ensuring the nutrition to more children, former students of the ‘eco-school’, who come to the school only for eating. 

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