The Performing Arts Club of the UV as well as the collaboration in the field of dance with the Valencian Institute for Culture have been presented

  • June 6th, 2017

The Universitat de València has presented on Thursday the new Performing Arts Club. Until now, the UV has offered a weekly theatre programming through the Theatre Club for which it was awarded in 1998 with the Micalet Prize for Theatre of the Valencian Government. However, now the Performing Arts Club extends the offer with regular programming of dance as well as training through workshops, courses and seminars.

In the training field, the Performing Arts Club has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the Valencian Institute for Culture since the dance classes for the students of the UV will take place at its facilities at the Rialto building. The presentation of the Club has taken place today at the Gonzalo Montiel hall of the Cultural Centre La Nau. There has been a press conference in which the vice-principal for Culture and Equality of the Universitat de València, Antonio Ariño; Laura Monrós, director of the Performing Arts Club of the UV and Roberto García, the assistant director for Performing Arts of the Valencian Institute for Culture.

This new dance domain of the UV appears to work in the field of dance on an ongoing basis and to raise awareness of dance, not only as an art and a show but also as a way of growing.

The activity of the Performing Arts Club is organised into workshops given by teachers and professional choreographers -for the next two years, Yoshua Cienfuegos y Maynor Chaves-, who, apart from giving dance lessons to the students of the Universitat de València, will focus on more technical aspects such as the creation of shows, production and management of performing arts, wardrobe creation, set design, dramaturgy of dance... At that point, the dance club will collaborate with students of other departments of the UV and other schools such as ESAD, the Design School or the Valencia School of Music.

Apart from the workshops and the shows, the Dance Club will promote Dance at the UV beyond the training aspect through free talks, conferences, programming of dance shows and video-dance at the Matilde Salvador Hall at La Nau.

Both Antonio Ariño and Roberto García are pleased with the decision of the UV to have its own dance section because, even though the institution already programmed spectacles and supported festivals, to stimulate the artistic creativity is one of the unavoidable functions of the universities which also are, as the vice-principal has said “cultural innovation laboratories apart from stimulating the critical thinking and the scientific dissemination”. “The bet on dance is an act to create sensitive citizens, apart from critical ones, another mission of the university”, has said García.

The Rialto as a dance space

This morning it has been formalised the collaboration with the Valencian Institute for Culture by which from the Assistant Direction of Performing Arts, it has been stablished the that a classroom of the Rialto building will be loan to host the dance classes of the Performing Arts Club of the UV from 18 to 20 on Tuesday and Thursday from 17 October 2017 until May 2018.

According to Laura Monrós, the purpose is to incorporate dance in the UV as it happens with other artistic disciplines (theatre and music).  

The closeness between the Rialto building and the Cultural Centre La Nau of the Universitat de València is vital in order to develop properly the work and the emergence of synergies between both entities.

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