The play and communication among children in hospital is the winner idea of Ideas MOTIVEM in teams

  • May 12nd, 2017

DELI has been the winner idea of the Ideas MOTIVEM in teams. This social proposal allows children in hospital to play and interact with other children despite being isolated in their rooms due to an illness. A total of 164 teams composed by 627 students and 118 teachers of the 18 faculties of the Universitat de València have participated in this competition. This makes possible the development of creativity in teams.

DELI, comes from Discover, Enjoy, Learn and Imagine, is a social proposal. “The idea arises after visiting the Hospital Classroom of the paediatrics area where we realised that children can learn for a certain period of time, but they should stay in their rooms the rest of the day. So, in that moment we came up with this application that could help them to have fun and interact with other children who are in their same situation”, explains Ángela Tramoyeres, student of the degree in Medicine.

Her mate, Paula Bonilla, student of the degree in Primary Education, explains that this project has been “a wonderful trip” that has allowed them to put into practice everything they learn daily at university and other thing that “do not appear in the textbooks”. Furthermore, Alicia Beltrán y Andrea Barrera, students of the degree in Primary Education have also participated in this idea. This proposal has become the winner with a 4,000 euros prize and coordinated by Professor María Alcantud, from the Faculty of Teacher Training in collaboration with Carmen Lloret, from the Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences. Both have claimed that MOTIVEM has allowed them to learn about the students in a “transversal way” as well as to get closer to reality, which has provide them with “freshness” and “an outstanding value”.

Second and third prize
The second prize, endowed with 3,000 euros, went to Moovify, an application that tries to be the solution for a more inclusive tourism in our country and allows collectives with special needs to practice the tourism in a more independent and secure way. This idea, coordinated by Beatriz Cerezo, professor of the Faculty of Language Studies, Translation and Communication, has been developed by Juan Vicente Gómez, student of the degree in Spanish Language, Sonia de La Luna and Amparo Guillem, students from the double degree in Business Administration and Management and Tourism; Celia Morillas, from the degree in Psychology; and Marái Isabel Muela, from Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications.

The third prize with 3,000 euros went to Neuhelp. It was developed by Sebastián Bernales, Rafael Busutil, Juan Ignacio Comes, Javier Oliver and Guillermo Rodríguez, from the degree in Economics and coordinate by Cristina Pardo, from the department of Applied Economics of the Faculty of Economics. This idea is based on the assistance to elderly people with Alzheimer in order to strength the memory they are lossing during the first stages of this illness by entertainment techniques. So, it can avoid the third stage of this illness. The seven finalist teams of the Ideas MOTIVEM in teams 2017 were Banderas azules, Fastbone, GlucoSee, Grαrt: salvando el arte, Ibiblio, Rural sostenible y WorkingApp, who obtained a secondary award.

This award ceremony has been hosted by Maria Vicenta Mestre, the Vice-Principal for Academic Planning, Teaching staff and Sustainability, who has emphasised the “illusion and motivation” of the teaching staff from several faculties of the UV as well as the effort and work “necessary to carry out activities like this”. She has been accompanied by Alfonso Maldonado, president of ADEIT, who has pointed out an increase in the participation in this innovative action. He has also thanked the involvement of those collaborating entities; Francisco Álvarez, director of Economy, Undertaking and Cooperative movement of the Valencian Government who has insisted on rejecting that “innovate is to create something new”. In other words, innovate is to “modify what exists to enhance it”. Likewise, Fernando Corell, director of the CaixaBank in the Region of Valencia who attended the ceremony, has highlighted the social character of the prizes and “being brave” was one of the most important actions when carrying out a project. On the other hand, Carlos Pascual, president of the Chair for Business Culture, has stated the role that the UV plays when promoting enterprising and business attitudes.

Teaching staff and students interconnected in MOTIVEM
Ideas MOTIVEM have the support of the Valencian Government and the social work ‘La Caixa’. MOTIVEM is an initiative of the Universitat de València and its University-Business Foundation ADEIT, managed by the Vice-Principal for Academic regulations, Teaching staff and Sustainability, María Vicenta Mestre, who has the support of an academic committee composed by university professors. MOTIVEM has two complementary actions, one is the ‘Escuela MOTIVEM for teaching staff’, a tool to motivate professors which has been put into practice in the competition ‘Ideas en equipo’ ('Ideas in teams').

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