Presentation of a new Lluís Vives Space

  • Office of the Principal
  • January 30th, 2020

On Thursday, 30th January, in the assembly hall of the office of the principal, the principal of the Universitat de València, Vicenta Mestre, presented a renovation project of the former “Luis Vives” Hall of Residence, future Lluís Vives Space, aimed to serve the students’ needs.

The idea of renovation of the former “Luis Vives” Hall of Residence has appeared as a result of a long-standing dialogue within the university community, which has culminated in a project designed to cater to the students’ needs and put the building to a new use. The architect Tomás Llavador has developed the renovation project following the need to restore the residence, which is no longer used for its initial purposes, while ensuring a proper level of protection of the building.

The principal Vicenta Mestre emphasized that “this project belongs to everyone, a project that we present today combines respect towards the past and the traditions with the modern and necessary use of such a big, diverse, and internationalized university as Universitat de València in 2020.”

The Lluís Vives Space will offer the services currently dispersed around different campuses. This way, a vice-principal for Economics and Infrastructures, Justo Herrera explained that the building will house Information and Promotion Service for Students (SeDi), Student Service, the International Relations and Cooperation Service, UVJobs, UVEntrepreneurships and the Student Council. These student services will be combined with the cultural uses of the space, as well as serve as a place for leisure and a meeting point. This all forms a part of a new management filosophy which, combining the physical and virtual dimentions, shall address all the inquiries and concerns of the students in a fast and efficient way.

“This new project will put the building to a new use, always bearing in mind the needs of the people, especially the students,” affirmed the principal. Vicenta Mestre reminded that renovation of the building was one of her campaign promises during the elections to Principal of the University of Valencia. She also stressed that Lluís Vives Space shall be designed “to offer a quality space for the people to advance their work thanks to diverse services that will be offered at the building.”

The former Hall of Residence “Luis Vives” is a building of local significance designed by an architect Javier Goerlich back in the day. It is one of the most vivid examples of international style architecture in the city of Valencia. The building opened in 1954 and functioned as a residence hall until 2012.

The university has already applied for the building licence at Valencia’s City Council; once it is conceded, the bidding process for the construction will begin. Initial amount of the bid shall equal to 17 million euros, and the works shall be completed within 18 months.

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