The Principal Peset Hall of Residence hosts Sento Llobell’s exhibition “Dr. Uriel. Mil dies de guerra”

  • Press Office
  • May 28th, 2019

The Wall Room of the Principal Peset Hall of Residence hots this exhibition, organised by the Comic Society. Sento Llobell collects the experience of the young doctor Pablo Uriel during the Spanish Civil War. The opening ceremony will be on 29th May at 7 p.m. Participants: Antonio Ariño, Vice-Principal for Culture and Sport; Sento Llobell; Álvaro Pons, Director of the Comic Society; and Carles Xavier López, director of the Principal Peset Hall of Residence. You can visit the exhibition until 7th July.

This exhibition is the result of the change that started with the publication in 2013 of Un médico novato. Llobell was awarded the prize Fnac/Sinsentido because of this work, which narrates the experiences of his father-in-law, Pablo Uriel, during the Spanish Civil War. This work will continue with Atrapado en Belchite and Vencedor y vencido. The series will close with the edition of the graphic novel Dr. Uriel, published by Astiberri in 2017.

According to Sento Llobell and Elena Uriel, “with this exhibition we want to tell two stories. The first one is the story of a book that was started to be written in July 1936 and that, after going through different formats, 80 years later has been published as a comic. The second one is the story of Pablo Uriel, who is the protagonist of this comic. He is a good doctor who comes out of his house in Zaragoza to assists his patients and is trapped for 1,000 days in the Civil War.”

Pablo Uriel wanted to explain to his children what had happened to him all those years, and so he wrote it, but surely he could not imagine that his manuscript would become a book and, later, a graphic novel that would receive several awards and would be read by many people.

Tiny testimonies, like this, are not usually included in great history books and end up being forgotten and disappearing. The words of Pablo Uriel and the drawings of Sento Llobell, all together, are making this "little great story" difficult to forget.

Sento Llobell is part of the so-called ‘Nova Escola Valenciana' of the 80s.  In 1981 he left teaching at the Faculty of Fine Arts, where he had graduated, to draw comics. Since 1981 Llobell has published 12 comic albums, illustrated 6 books and designed 25 posters.  His illustrations and comics have been published in different media, such as TBO, Pequeño País, Cairo. He has designed avant-garde fallas in the Modernisme Plaza of the City Hall of Valencia (1986 and 1987) and in Na Jordana, also on two occasions. His work in advertising illustration should be highlighted.  He also designed the Gulliver Park in the Turia Gardens.