Prinicipal Peset Hall of Residence hosts the exhibition 'Place of words' by Tomàs Gorria

  • Press Office
  • March 28th, 2019
Tomàs Gorria
Tomàs Gorria

The Muralla Hall of the Prinicipal Peset Hall of Residence willhost the exhibition 'Lloc de paraules' (Place of words) by the designer Tomàs Gorria from 29 March to 19 May. The exhibition opens this Friday at 7 pm and covers Gorria's career as a graphic designer and publisher over nearly three decades, as well as his concerns about design and typography.

As Tomàs Gorria explains, "since I have use of reason I remember the fascination that words have exerted on me. At the beginning, of course, were the letters, those incomprehensible forms placed at the doors of the shops of my early childhood, before knowing that together, they composed words and had meanings.” This fascination has led him to link himself to the world of words in different ways, as a model maker and graphic designer or composing pages for newspapers and magazines, and to open up new ways of personal production by introducing himself into literary creation, video or photography.

The retrospective that is now being presented brings the public closer to the editorial production that Tomàs Gorria has been developing in projects such as the magazines Xarxa, Eines and Dúplex or books such as València al detall or websites such as or, all this production is the logical result of the time spent in the newsrooms of the newspapers, and that complements their concerns, at a time that spreads their untiring curiosity.

This curiosity along with the continuous contact with the headlines of the articles looking for originality made him interested in word games, aphorisms, anagrams or palindromes.

If these two aspects are combined, the professional one and, as he says, "the intrusion into the world of cultural journalism, literary creation, video or photography", the public is faced with a whole series of stimuli that take them through almost three decades of Tomàs Gorria's professional and personal trajectory.

The exhibition will be inaugurated this Friday, March 29th, at 7 p.m., by the vice-rector of Culture and Sports, Antonio Ariño; Tomàs Gorria and the director of the Rector of the Prinicipal Peset Hall of Residence, Carles Xavier López.