Professor of Journalism Carolina Moreno, director of the collection of science dissemination books “Sense Fronteres”

Carolina Moreno, Professor of the Department of Theory of Languages and Communication Sciences of the University of Valencia.
Carolina Moreno, Professor of the Department of Theory of Languages and Communication Sciences of the University of Valencia.

Carolina Moreno, professor of the Department of Theory of Languages and

Communication Sciences of the University of Valencia and researcher at the Polibienestar Institute, is the new director of the collections of scientific books “Sense Fronteres” and “Sin Fronteras” of the academic institution. This is a set of 65 publications, both in Valencian and in Spanish, as a result of the 24 editions of the “Estudi General” European Award for the Dissemination of Science.

The main researcher of the ScienceFlows group ( replaces the Chemistry professor Fernando Sapiña. The “Sense Fronteres” collection is the result of the award-winning works, in Valencian, and those that the jury recommended for publication, as well as other works or translations from other languages.

The “Sense Fronteres” collection, co-published by the Scientific and Innovation Culture Unit (UCC + i) of the University of Valencia and Edicions Bromera, was born in 1995, at the same time as the European Award for Scientific Dissemination “Estudi General”. This is the first collection of scientific dissemination in Catalan, formerly directed by the Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Juli Peretó. The “Sense Fronteres” collection, co-published by the UCC + i and Publicacions de la Universitat, publishes the translation into Spanish of the award-winning works.

The first book to be published under the direction of Carolina Moreno is El imperio de los datos. El Big Data, la privacidad y la sociedad de futuro (‘The empire of data. Big Data, privacy and the society of the future’), of the chemist and science disseminator Xavier Duran, winner of the twenty-third edition of the European Award for Scientific Dissemination, in 2017.

Carolina Moreno emphasises that there are currently many sources of information about science that circulate for social networks, platforms and websites. However, there are many uncertainties about the quality of this informative flow and about the audience reached by this information. For this reason, “it is highly praiseworthy that from the University of Valencia a selection has been made that selects the most relevant and interesting works of scientific dissemination, with a wide variety of topics, disciplines and interests for the general public”, stresses the journalism professor, who also points out that it is a collection that since the beginning has tried to publish books that have been a benchmark in recent decades. “For me it is a great opportunity to continue the work that has been developed by the previous directors of the collection, Juli Peretó and Fernando Sapiña, whom I have always admired and respected as scientists and as disseminators”, says Carolina Moreno.


Research in ScienceFlows

Carolina Moreno runs the research group ScienceFlows, from the areas of Health Sciences, Engineering, Educational Sciences and Social Sciences. The team participates in training activities, seminars, meetings, conferences, postgraduate and doctoral programs of different Spanish universities in activities around the representation of science, health, technology and the environment through the media and social networks. In addition, Carolina Moreno works in international teams to improve and advance in the construction of indicators that allow valuing the contemporary scientific culture of the citizens.


Collections “Sense Fronteres” and “Sin Fronteras” at

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