Rector Peset Hall of Residence holds the comeback of Santi Tena with the painting “Gastronautas”

  • Press Office
  • November 21st, 2018
'Blade Ryanner 2019'
'Blade Ryanner 2019'

Since the 1990s, Santi Tena (Valencia 1970) has been developing his pictorial career in the new Valencian figurative art scene, having been its ambassador in several national and international exhibitions. This exhibit will be available in the Sala de la Muralla of the Hall of Residences until January 13th.

After a period dedicated to the adaptation of Tirant lo Blanch into comic, Santi Tena returns to show his painting “Gastronautas”, in which the author lets us see through a university of its own. In his words, “you think that your present is not like the future that someone else imagined in the past. You live in decaying times, waiting for Friday or for the holidays, accelerating time while your world goes down the drain. It is not like this one is better or worse than other, but you thought it would always be like this; slightly less technological, slightly less gastronomical”.

The exhibit presents a number of paintings inspired by the world of gastronomy, in which pastiche and paradox are met to make the modern world rather ironic. This is a world in which eclecticism, mixing, vagueness of the referents, diffusion of images, recycling of the past or technological progress unleash the author to develop pictorial scenography in which reality and fiction are merged into a tragicomic hug.