Regulations for the assessment and mark for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and the professional career of PAS are approved

  • May 30th, 2017
Aprovat el reglament per a l’avaluació i qualificació

The Governing Council of the Universitat de València has approved today Tuesday the Regulations for Assessment and Mark for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. It has also been approved the payment of the so-called ‘professional career’ by the administrative and services staff, within the contractually agreed terms between the management and the trade unions.

The Regulations for Assessment and Mark has been introduced by the Vice-Principal for Studies and Language Policy, Isabel Vázquez. This document tries to guarantee “an objective and planned assessment” and standardises the programming of the tests, the mark of the results, the publication of the marks and the review and contestation marks proceeding. The text claims the following: “The student body has the right to assess their apprenticeship according to public and objective criteria”, as well as the security and impartiality of the assessments.

The Regulations for Enrolment for a degree or a master’s degree has also been approved in the meeting. This simplifies and updates the previous legislative text.

Professional career

On the other hand, the Governing Council has authorised the payment of the 30% of the concepts of remuneration gathered in line with the Additional Provision twenty-six of Act No. 14/2016 of 30 December, of Valencian Government’s budget for 2017 (professional career of the administrative and service staff of the Valencian public universities). The agreement has been presented by the director, Joan Oltra, who has emphasised that it has the support of three out of four trade unions linked to the academic institution.

The UV will also encourage Valencian public universities to apply to the Valencian Government the permission for the payment of a percentage (minimum 40% of the concept from 1 January 2017). Likewise, it will seek to include the interim and temporary staff in the agreement, because their right is legally recognised.

Colegio mayor Lluís Vives

The director has also informed about the latest news in relation to the Colegio Mayor Lluis Vives, which was illegally occupied by people who are not members of the university community on 1 May. Two different mediation groups, Federación para la Mediación de la Comunidad Valenciana and El Rogle, are still carrying out their functions.  The Governing Council has established a deadline (one week) to check if there are advances in the mediation. If this is the case, the UV could extend the negotiation period. On the contrary, the Governing Council will analyse again the situation and study the different alternatives.

Institutional condolence

In his report, the Principal Esteban Morcillo has conveyed his institutional condolences this week on the occasion of the recent death of the emeritus professor of the Department of Microbiology and Ecology, M.Rosa Miracle Solé.