Roberto D. Holt analyses biodiversity in competition among species in the IX Memorial Peregrí Casanova

  • Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit
  • April 24th, 2018

Roberto D. Holt, professor of Ecology in the Florida University, will give the conference “Natural Enemies & Biodiversity: Pros and Conos’ this Tuesday 24 April at 13h in the Charles Darwin Hall in Burjassot-Paterna Campus, on the occasion of IX Memorial Peregrí Casanova and the ceremony of the 50th anniversary of the Biology Studies in Valencia. The event pays homage to the full university professor of Anatomy in the Medicine Faculty, who introduced evolutionary ideas and the organiser of the Darwin memorial in the Paraninfo (Main hall) of the Universitat de València in 1909.

Robert D. Holt claims that much of the life diversity has emerged from the fight between natural enemies (predators, parasites, pathogens or herbivores) and their victims. Occasionally, the fight between natural enemies can facilitate the maintenance of biodiversity (for instance, avoiding growth of one specie). Although under different circumstances, the natural competitors can limit the biodiversity because of the fact that the major species have one or more natural enemies.

The researcher of the Florida University will explain the interaction between competition and many current ecological challenges, included the agricultural pest control, the harvest, the preservation of endangered species and the dynamic of the emerging diseases. In his intervention on Tuesday in the IX Memorial Peregrí Casanova, expert in Ecology also will analyse other factors among them the competition among species depends (individual behaviour, spatial and community context).

The Pelegrí Casanova Memorial is organised by the Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, the Scientific Culture Unity and the Chair for Science Divulgation of the Universitat de València.

The last Peregrí Casanova Memorials have counted on the participation of Rosemary Gillespie (University of California), Stanley L. Miller (University of California, San Diego), Stanley L.Miller (University of California, San Diego), David M. Hillis (University of Texas, Austin), Francisco J. Ayala (University of California-Irvine), José Luis Sanz (Autonomous University of Madrid), Rosemary and Peter Grant (Princeton University) and Roger Butlin (University of Sheffield).


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