Specialists of different countries analyse the collaborative economy, social economy and welfare

  • Press Office
  • November 28th, 2018
Facultat de Dret.
Facultat de Dret.

The Faculty of Law of the Universitat de València hosts the first sessions of the international conference on collaborative economy, social economy and welfare. The opening ceremony will take place in the room Tomás de Vilarroya at 9 a.m.

The professors in Financial and Taxation Law, Pilar Alguacil and Salvador Montesinos, are the university supporters of the conference.

The conference aims to disseminate the results of the research project “Economía colaborativa, economía social y bienestar (ECOEB)”, MINECO/FEDER, and stir up academic, professional and corporate debate on themes that are linked to this issue: collaborative economy in the different economic sectors in which it has deeply entered in the last years (tourist accommodation, mobility, services...) and its possible connection to entrepreneurship by means of cooperative formula and other methods related to social economy.

The analysis will be carried out from the typical multidisciplinary perspective of a project, which is formed by two sub-programmes with different methodological approaches that are coordinated (“La economía social y colaborativa como instrumento de políticas públicas” –IUDESCOOP-UV, IP: Mª Pilar Alguacil– and “Fórmulas organizativas e impacto en el bienestar de la economía social y colaborativa” –UPV, IP: Daniel Palacios–) and with interventions of academicians and professionals of the field. Therefore, the theoretical perspective will be enriched with valuable corporate experiences for debating about new business models in the digital economy.

You can find all the information and the programme here.