The subsidies for the R&D&I for the promotion of the collaboration UV-La Fe have been convened

  • October 24th, 2016
Subsidies for the R&D&I

The Office of the Vice-principal for Research and Science Policy of the UV together with the University and Polytechnic Hospital of La Fe have convened the third Edition of the grant Programme VLC-BIOMED for the R&D&I for the promotion of cooperation in activities related to research, technology development and innovation in the field of health between the researchers-professionals of both entities. The application period will remain open until 8 October 2014.

The Programa VLC-BIOMED aims at promoting alliances between professionals of the UV and Hospital of La Fe to drive coordinated research or innovation projects, that will lead to new innovations in the field of health (biomedicine, bioengineering and materials, medical psychology, bioeconomy, ethical and legal issues, among others). In previous editions, numerous new collaborations between researchers and clinicians took place, with a total of 162 submitted requests and 50 supported initiatives.

The Programme will develop in three stages:

1.- Stage I . Presentation of the expression of interest/ Partner search. 

Disclosure of ideas or non-solved problems in La Fe or in the UV, with the aim of looking for partners in another institution, through the website 

Publish an expression of interest: IDEA

Consult the published ideas that look for a partner in another institution: COLLABORATOR 

The period for the receipt of expressions of interest has started and will end on 8 November, with the aim of finding a partner in the other institution and formalise the meeting in the Cooperation Session of the 9 November.

2.- Stage II - Cooperation Session UV-LA FE (9 November, University and Polytechnic Hospital of La Fe)

During the Session, bilateral meetings (one-to-one meetings), previously programmed between UV and La Fe researchers, will take place and it will be offered the possibility to arrange new meetings with the different speakers and participants.

3.- Stage III - Publication of the call for grant Programme VLC-Biomed 2016. Subprogrammes A and B

This call has two Subprogrammes: Subprogramme A) Subsidies for the preparation of activities to prepare coordinated projects and Subprogramme B) Subsidies for the development joint innovation projects, based in some results or preliminary experiences already proven and that show a potential transfer to the health system.

The call will open next 10 November.
These activities are the result of an agreement signed last 8 October 2014, between the University of Valencia and the Institute for Health Research-Foundation for Research of La Fe Hospital, to promote cooperation in research, technological development and innovation activities in health issues between researchers-professionals of both entities.

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