The technician of the Universitat Raúl J. Sales achieves four awards in the contest of medical cinema Videomed

  • January 1st, 2017
Raúl J. Sales has achieved four awards in the contest of medical cinema Videomed

Raúl J. Sales, director of scientific cinema and technician of the Universitat de València has won four awards in the XX International Contest of Medical, Health and Telemedicine Cinema (VídeoMed) celebrated in Badajoz. Sales has thus become the filmmaker with the higher number of awards in the prestigious contest of medical cinema.

Two of the four awards obtained have been given to the Best Film in Surgery, which assembles all the surgical specialities and techniques (microsurgery, transplants, implants, laparoscopy, robotics, telesurgery, metabolic surgery, bariatric surgery, new equipment and products for surgery), and the other two awards that has obtained the valencian cinema filmmaker have been for the Dental and Health in Woman specialities.

The awarded movies have joined forces with the doctors Luis Sabater, Alejandro Espí e Iván Martín of the University Clinical Hospital and thte Surgery Department of the Universitat de València; the doctor Vicente J. Faus of the Stomatology Department of the Universitat de València and the doctors Vicente Pla and Delfina Fletcher of the University Clinical Hospital.

In the words of the filmmaker Raúl J. Sales: “This awards imply a powerful recognition to my career of more than 25 years as a professional in the medical cinema field and a great prestige for the Surgery Department, the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and the Universitat de València”.

More than a hundred films from three continents have participated in the contest. This contest, a benchmark of the Spanish language world stage, has been the meeting point of all the European, Asian and American festivals and has assembled for one week the best professionals of the medical imaging and the new technologies of communication to show and analyse the best videos regarding to the health care and telemedicine.