Thirteen nights of concerts with the “Serenates” festival organised by the Universitat and the Valencian Institute of Culture

Presentación de Serenates 2018 en La Nau.
Presentación de Serenates 2018 en La Nau.

The festival “Serenates”, organised by the Universitat de València and the Valencian Institute of Culture, will celebrate from 24th June to 8th July at the Cultural Centre La Nau of the Universitat de València. This year marks the 31th edition from the beginning of the initiative of using the senate of the Universitat de València as a part of a musical festival of summer nights. It dedicates its programme to the music composed and interpreted by Valencian musicians and the youngest musicians.

Throughout its trajectory, the festival has been a resounding success and an increasingly number of collaborations: Valencia City Council, Valencia Provincial Council, the Banco Sabadell Foundation, the Palau de la Música, the EASD (Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny) and the Palau de les Arts de Valencia, which has joined in this edition.

The edition of 2018 has been presented this morning at the Cultural Centre La Nau in a round table with the presence of the vice-principal of Culture and Sports, Antonio Ariño; the deputy director of Music and Popular Culture of the Valencian Institute of Culture of the Valencian government, Marga Landete; the Councillor for Festive Culture of the City Council of Valencia, Pere Fuset; the cultural adviser of the Diputació de València; Pau Lagunas; the director of the Palau de la Música, Vicent Ros; the general director of the Palau de les Arts, Francisco Potenciano and Juan Manuel Calvillo Zamora, director of Regional Commercial Transformation Valencia Centro, of Banco Sabadell.

The programme of 2018 will have 13 performances. The last five concerts are dedicated to the popular music in collaboration with the Big Fair of Valencia and Polirrítmia, Trobades de músiques I danses de la mediterrània. This meeting, co-organised by the Valencian Institute of Culture and the Cefire of Torrent, gives the festival a more didactic aspect.

Concerts from 24th June to 3th July will begin at 22:30h at the Senate of the Cultural Centre La Nau of the Universitat de Valencia and the tickets at nominal price of 3 euros can be purchased on the website: Concerts of the days 6, 7 and 8 July will be realised at the Plaza del Patriarca (21.30h) with free entry.

The festival will start on 24th June with the performance of the work Novecento, the legend of the pianist in the Ocean. Based on the work of the same name by A. Baricco, it is a production by the Komos company, with stage direction by Miguel Navarro, and music by José Manuel Campos, to be performed by the Eutherpe Choir and the pianist Ismael Zazo.

On Monday 25th June a new production will be released for the Serenates Festival: the show Reinterpreting Tradition: Music and Choreography. With this performance the Grup de Dansa of the Universitat de València will be presented to the public. They will perform together with the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Universitat de València. The choreography created by Yoshua Cienfuegos and Maynor Chaves is based on musical pieces of A. Copland, G. Holst and V. Williams. The conductor of the Orquestra of the Universitat de Valencia, Hilari Garcia Gázquez will lead the musical direction.

On Tuesday 26th June, the Orquesta de Valencia, that this year celebrates its 75th anniversary, will offer a concert with Enrique Palomares as a concertmaster and conductor, performing works by Corelli and Mozart. The performance will benefit the NGO Animanaturalis.

On Wednesday 27th June, students of the Training Centre Plácido Domingo of the Palau de las Artes will offer a lyrical gala that will include a selection of arias of operas by authors such as G.Rossini, G. Bizet, M. Salvador, etc. The earnings will benefit APNAV (Valencian Association of Parents of People with Autism).

On Thursday 28th June, the Valencian team Capella de Ministrers, head by Carles Magraner, will perform the programme Arrels, entre la tradició i el patrimony, a new interpretative purpose of the Valencian traditional music from a perspective of historical music.

On Friday 29th June, the Melòmans group will present their new musical spectacle 007 Llicència per a cantar, a “musical comedy” in which a capella music, theatre and humour are fused together to create a show that is frenetic, surprising and fun.

On Saturday 30th June, the Orquesta of the Universidad de Alcalá will offer the concert concierto Los sonidos renovados/Los sonids oolvidados. With the participation of the guitarist and compositor Fran Calvo will present its suite flamenca, and with the multi-instrumentalist Abraham Cupeiro will offer Os sonidos Esquecidos, a journey back in time through music, a search for original sources to merge them with a contemporary discourse.

On Sunday 1rst July, the Orfeón Universitario de Valencia, together with the dance team Innovatori del movement and the ensemble of percussion Perku-va will represent an own production for the Serenates festival, Noces, whose main axis is the ballet The Wedding of I. Stravinsky. The musical direction will be given by Francesc Valldecabres, conductor of the Orfeón and the stage direction by Alicia Herrero.

On Monday 2nd July, begin the concerts of traditional and popular music with the group Milo Ke Mandarina. This formation, including Carlos Ramírez and Isabel Martín, arises from the need to share a very personal way of feeling the traditional music and popular culture of the Mediterranean area. Their music is inspired by the flow of water, the bells of the goats, the taste of olive oil or the warmth of a good winter bonfire...

On Tuesday 3rd July will act Efrén López Quartet. The multi-instrumentalist and Valencian compositor Efrén López, specialised in old and popular music of the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, will perform alongside the Greek composer and virtuoso of the Crete lyre, Kelly Thoma, the multi-instrumentalist Míriam Encinas, and the Israeli Meira Segal, a versatile performer of traditional wind instruments.

The days 6, 7 and 8 July, concerts will be moved to the Plaza del Patriarca. On Friday 6th July, the Percussion Group Kontakte + Mar Aranda will present the poetic-musical show 12 works by Hercules, a musical journey through the stages where the action of the hero Hercules takes place, from the Peloponnese peninsula to the underworld. The rhythms and melodies of each of the different regions stand out. The texts, both of the recited and sung parts, are based on the work of the classics of Latin literature (Euripides, Higini, Virgilio, Boethius, Ovid and Seneca).

On Saturday 7th July, Teixint Terres group will present the show Corrrrpus..., that joins two worlds apparently different: The dances of Corpus Christi in Valencia and the popular Afro-Latin music. It is a way of listening to the melodies of the Corpus Christi dances that shows how tradition is continually reinvented.

On Sunday 8th July, the music and traditional dance group Rascanya will close the festival. With great experience making the audience dance, it will be a fun and danceable live show suitable for all audiences.

Over the years, many works have been premiered in Serenates or have been rediscovered after centuries of neglect in the various Valencian music archives. Furthermore, many Valencian groups have made their artistic debut on this stage. This festival has become a good platform for the promotion and dissemination of one of the best and greatest cultural assets of Valencia: music.

The festival programme has been diverse, with respect to musical styles, ranging from Renaissance to contemporary and popular music. The poster for the edition of this year is the work of EASD student Gloria Júdez.

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