The Universitat considers very positive the preliminary agreement of the collective agreement of the Valencian public universities

Rectorat de la Universitat.
Rectorat de la Universitat.

The Board of Directors of the Universitat de València considers very positive the preliminary agreement of the collective agreement of the Valencian public universities, which has been signed on Wednesday 24th of April between the five academic institutions and the unions CCOO-PV, UGT-PV, CSIF and SEP-CV, with the coordination and support of the Conselleria of Education, Research, Culture and Sport.

After a long negotiation, in which the Universitat de València has made a significant effort, the preliminary agreement allows for a collective labour regulatory framework in the Valencian university environment, which will be equal to the rest of the autonomous communities. The pact is accompanied by specific funding from the Generalitat, which will make it possible to tackle the equal pay of the different categories of teaching staff contracted between the Valencian public universities, with an improvement for all of them.

Particularly significant is the planned increase in the remuneration of associate lecturers, which will make it possible to comply with and improve the agreement reached at the negotiating table of the Universitat de València, and which until now had not been possible due to the lack of an adequate autonomous regulation.  

According to Ernest Cano, Vice-rector for Academic Organisation and Teaching Staff, "the future agreement will include different improvements in the working conditions of the working staff, despite the fact that they are limited by the difficulties of the financing framework and the replacement rate of the PDI and PAS staff. It will also regulate the possibility of incorporating a figure of substitute teaching staff for different eventualities that until now had to be covered in an inadequate way with associate teaching staff."

For associate teaching staff, the maximum annual salary will be 10,225 euros, while the salary of the assistants and the new substitute teaching staff will be 21,702 euros.  In the case of contracted teaching staff, a doctorate will be 31,175 euros, collaborating teaching staff 28,864 euros and that of assistant teaching staff 28,127 euros.  The retributive effects of the agreement will be from January 1, 2019.

The agreement is expected to remain in force until 2023.

As a whole, the Board of Directors of the Universitat de València makes a very positive evaluation of the pact, since it allows for progress in the salary and working conditions of the staff of Valencian public universities, on the basis of a consensus between universities, trade unions and the Valencian Government. "This progress may seem insufficient after these years of restrictions, but it is very important and goes in the right direction", says the Board of Directors of the Universitat, which firmly demands that this preliminary agreement be converted into a collective agreement, which will be a milestone in the labour relations between our Universitat and all the Valencian public universities.

Full text of the agreement by clicking here.

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