The Universitat de València researches the use of waste waters of the EDAR-Pinedo for its agricultural use

  • January 21st, 2017
Waster waters of the EDAR-Pinedo to agrucultural use

The Universitat de València and the Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development Department has signed an agreement in order to develop applied research projects related with the water treatment, the aquatic and marine ecosystems, water resources management and the aquifer recharge.

Within the framework of this agreement, the Universitat de València has carried out the project Potential of water reuse of the EDAR of Pinedo for agricultural use headed by the deputy rector of Investigation and Scientific polity, Pilar Campíns Falcó and with the multidisciplinary participation of the researcher groups: Soils, Residues and Environment Group; Water quality and Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Group; Miniaturization and Total Methods Group; Water Economy Group; Climatology from Satellites Group; Food and Environmental safety; Water Quality Group and the Laboratory of Intelligent Data Analysis. The leading researchers of this multidisciplinary action Rafael Boluda Hernández, Antonio Camacho González, Pilar Campins Falcó, Francesc Hernández Sancho, Ernesto López Baeza, Yolanda Picó García, Aurora Seco Torrecillas and Emilio Soria Olivas, have cooperated in a comprehensive way in the achievement of the project objectives.

In this project a work methodology that could be applied to any area of interest has been developed so it is convenient to study the identified areas with hydric deficit and the possibilities for re-use of regenerated water in the area applying the general methodology proposed. 

In the forecasts made in the research, the availability of water resources in the projections at 2100 are negatives, so it is essential to stablish policies addressed to the optimization of its use and management. Following the results obtained, the Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development Department is interested in continue cooperating with the Universitat de València and make another applied research projects within the framework of the new legislation of the European Unioin about the minimum requirements for water reuse to irrigate and the aquifer recharge

The research is available at:


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