The University will collaborate with the Spanish Refugee Aid Commission (CEAR) in raising public awareness about the refugees

  • October 4th, 2016
The University will collaborate with the Spanish Refugee Aid Commission

Universitat de València and the Spanish Refugee Aid Commission (CEAR) have signed a collaboration agreement to work together in raising public awareness and helping the refugees. The academic institution has done its first action after giving 3000€ from the collection of funds of the Healthy Stroll to the NGO. For its part, the CEAR has given a certificate of recognition to the commitment of the University for this collaboration.

The Vice-Principal for Training Policies and Educational Quality, Ramón López, and the territorial coordinator of the CEAR-PV, Jaume Durà, have signed a collaboration agreement which will enable the achievement of different actions at University to raise awareness with regards to the refugees. In the official function has also participated the Director of the University Extension Service, Amparo Pérez. In the words of Ramón López, “we want to avoid the disappearance from our lives or conscience of the problems that are suffering the refugees, since the situation continues being serious, and to help with whatever is necessary.” According to the Vice-Principal, the university community is one of the most supportive and active and this can be seen in the attitude with which 1300 people participated in the Healthy Stroll. “It is an activity within the framework of La Nau Gran with three objectives: being sustainable, healthy and supportive”, and reminds the public that the collection of funds has been set aside to the people in need. 

The agreement was signed on Tuesday at the Universitat de València. During the official function, Jaume Durà has given to Ramón López a certificate of recognition to the commitment of the University. The territorial coordinator has also highlighted that the situation continues being serious. This year 500 people have been relocated or resettled. However, there have been more than 1000 asylum applications in the Valencian Community. Jaume Durà has explained that “the aim is to obtain the legal routes and the safety needed for the arrival of the refugees. When the doors of the embassies close, the refugees fall into the hands of the mafias. This can be avoided, and the same can be applied to the deaths in the Mediterranean. With this situation, the University and the NGO have shown their commitment to conduct awareness-raising campaigns among the university community, especially in the student body. 

On the other hand, the president of the Spanish Refugee Aid Commission (CEAR), Carlos Berzosa, will give a speech on 25 October on ‘Refugees: crisis of values of the European Union.’ It will be at 18pm at the Faculty of Medicine and Odontology of the Universitat de València.

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