The UV hosts on Thursday the conference “Holocausto y compromiso social”

  • December 1st, 2016
 Jornada Holocaust i Compromis Social

The Joan Fuster Room of the Faculty of Geography and History hosts on Thursday 1 December the conference “Holoausto y compromiso social” (Holocaust and social commitment). It will start at 17 hours. The meeting will be opened by the dean of the Faculty Ester Alba and by the director of the Cefire Valencia, Manuel Antón. The journalist Rosa Brines will present the documentary “La mirada de Siegfried” (The gaze of Siegfried).

Under the heading “Holocausto y compromiso social” Ester Alba and Manuel Antón will analyse, at 17 hours, the activities organised last academic year and will present the work lines about training in values, history and memory scheduled for the next semester.

At 17:15 hours, the journalist Rosa Brines and the documentary maker Félix Vidal will present the documentary “La mirada de Siegfried” (25 minutes), in which it is analysed, following the story of the survivor of Auschwitz and Mathausen Siegfried Meir, the conclusions of the course “Una perspectiva didáctica del Holocausto desde los valores humanos” (An educational perspective of the Holocaust from the human values). The course took place in the Faculty of Geography and History between the 15 February and the 9 March, and it was attended by Secondary Education teachers and students of the Faculty of Geography and History.

After the viewing of the documentary, it will take place a round table moderated by Francisco Santos Juanes Grau, consultant of the CEFIRE València, where topics such as the situation of the refugees during two historical periods (40s and nowadays), in which the refugees were the main focus, will be discussed. The round table will be attended by Encarna Cuenca, president of the Valencian School Board; Henar Corbi, consultant of the Sefarad-Israel Centre; Marc Baldó, full university professor of Contemporary and Modern History of the UV; Pedro Ruíz, full university professor of Contemporary and Modern History of the UV; and José Ignacio Madalena, consultant of CEFIRE València in the humanitarian field.

The event will end denouncing the current situation of the refugees under the epigraph “Miradas personales. Refugiados sirios y saharauir” (Syrian and Saharan refugees). Assistants: Aurea Ortiz, professor of the Department of Art History; Alia Abdulah Avellá, neuropsychologist in the Brain Injury Service of the Nisa Hospital and volunteer in the refugee camp Katsikas (Greece); and Hassina Mhamed Khadad, attorney of the Spanish Commission for Helping Refugees (CEAR).

In coincidence with the event, it will start a non-perishable food collection campaign for Saharan refugees (1-24 December in the hall of the Faculty).

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