The UV offers for the school year 2019/2020 a total of 8,750 first year seats and six double degrees

Students, stock footage.
Students, stock footage.

In total, 8,750 first year seats in 56 degrees and six double degrees are offered. The innovation in the degree offer is the new degree in Intelligence and Business Analysis (BIA). Moreover, 103 official master’s degrees and 259 postgraduate degrees will be offered.

The seats offer was hosted by the Vice-Principal of Studies and Linguistic Policies, Isabel Vázquez, who has highlighted the balance between supply and demand of degrees in the Universitat de València. This is confirmed year after year with almost a 100% of enrolment rates. The offered seats for each degree can be consulted here.

The master’s degree offer has 103 postgraduate degrees, with a total of 4,678 seats. Therefore, it is shown that there is a ‘great offer coverage’ here as well, with about an 80% of enrolment rate. Postgraduate degrees will be a total of 259 (counting master’s degrees, diplomas, experts and certificates). Out of these, 61 are first edition and the rest have been offered in previous years. Out of the 259 own postgraduate degrees, 99 are online degrees.

The classes of the 2019/2020 school year will begin on Monday, September 9th, according to the approved calendar in this Governing Council.

On the other hand, the Council has met the report on the running of the UV's Suggestions, Complaints and Compliments Mailbox of the 2017/2018 school year. This has been presented by the Vice-Principal for Strategy, Quality and Information Technologies, Joaquín Aldás, who has highlighted the ‘enormous growth’ of the use the university community does of this tool: a 40.6% more than in the previous period.

According to the 2016/2017 data the Vice-Principal has offered, the Mailbox has received 1,158 comments, 1,115 of which have been accepted. The number of complaints has increased a 52.4% in comparison with the 2016/2017 school year, a 3.2% of suggestions and a 6.7% of compliments.

Institutional condolences

On her report, as usual, the Principal has offered her condolences for the recent passing of university community members. In this case, it was for lecturer Roy J. Glauber, 2005 Nobel Prize winner and honorary doctorate of the Universitat de València, as well as for the second year Law student, Antonio Benavent Bellón.

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