The UV organises the 11th Employment Forum with more than 60 stands and 50 activities

  • November 24th, 2016
11th Employment Forum

The UV organises, from 22 to 24 November, the 11th edition of its Employment Forum, in which they will participate more than 60 companies and institutions from 26 different economic sectors, and there will be some 50 free entry activities. The Forum, which will bring employers and candidates together, will take place in the three university campus: Tarongers, Blasco Ibáñez and Burjassot-Paterna.

Organised by the Professional Placement and Careers Advice Monitoring Centre (OPAL), through the General Foundation of the Universitat de València, the 11th Employment Forum is configured as a bridge of communication between companies and Valencian Institutions and university graduates; a meeting point for the exchange of information face to face with the people responsible for industry, trade and services of the Valencian Community, which are used to approach the business and university worlds.

This way, the Forum is addressed to students and graduates interested in the search of internships, grants, job offers, or even information on how to organise a company in the case of entrepreneurs.

In order to cover the labour supply of all the degrees of the UV, the Forum is organised in three campus. On Tuesday, 22 November, the fair will start in the Tarongers Campus, in the Faculty of Law, where they will meet 40 companies and institutions of the fields of Economics, Legal and Social Sciences and Teacher Training. This day, the Forum will be open to the public between 10:00 and 17:00, and it will host some 15 talks in the Assembly Hall of the Faculty and in the Joaquín Tomás Villarroya Hall.

On Wednesday 23, the Forum will be moved to the Blasco Ibáñez Campus, where they will participate some 20 companies and institutions between the faculties of Psychology and Language Studies, Translation and Communication. Here, the encounter will be addressed to students and graduates of the fields of Education, Social Studies, Health, Philology, Translation and Communication. In this campus there will be 16 activities between conferences, practical Workshops and, as a novelty, a ‘Speed Café’. 

It can be highlighted a round table on entrepreneurship where there will intervene new entrepreneurs who will tell their experience in the social, educative and health fields. The debate, moderated by Uniempren, the platform of crowdfunding and self-employment of the UV, is called in the Assembly Hall of the Faculty of Psychology, at 10:00.

Additionally, the newspaper ‘Levante-EMV’ will run a session for future journalists, in the Assembly Hall Sanchis Guarner of the Faculty of Language Studies, Translation and Communication, at 11:30, titled ‘Empieza tu carrera en el diario Levante-EMV’ (Start your career in the Levante-EMV newspaper).

From 16:30 to 18:30, next to this Assembly Hall, it will be celebrated, for the first time in the Forum of the UV, a ‘Speed Café’. The participants will have a coffee with professionals of companies of communication, publishers, linguistic services, translation agencies, and so on, who will share their personal experience and will help the candidates to find professional opportunities in the labour market through the definition of profiles, the development of competencies and entrepreneurship.

Engineering: a firm bet
The 11th Employment Forum will finish on Thursday 24 in the Burjassot-Paterna Campus. The School of Engineering (ETSE) will host some thirty companies and institutions, between 10:00 and 17:00, and more than a dozen activities, such as workshops for the job search using social networks, like LinkedIn, or talks address to the technological sector or counselling to have access to Silicon Valley. From 10:00 to 15:00, the Forum will be held in the Faculty of Pharmacy, specialised in the fields of Basic Sciences and Health, with a dozen activities about professional development, management of genetic and natural resources, environmental management or entrepreneurship, for instance.

Among the companies and institutions participating we can find, for example, the Valencian Employment and Training Service (SERVEF), the Valencian Council and the City Hall of Valencia, present in the three campus; Agencias Santa Lucía, Broseta Abogados SPL, CBRE, the Colegio de Economistas de Valencia, the Colegio Oficial de Graduados Sociales de Valencia, Deloitte, the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Valencia, Lidl Supermercados, S.A.U., Torrecid, S.A., Garrigues Abogados and Asesores Tributarios, and Nationale Nederlanden, in the Tarongers Campus; and CLECE, CORITEL, Grupo Esmalglass-Ítaca, Power Electronics España, SOPRA, Marvell Hispania S.L. and Nationale Nederlanden, in the Burjassot-Paterna Campus.

The 11th Employment Forum of the UV will be opened on Tuesday 22, at 10:00, in the Faculty of Law (Tarongers Campus). The act will count on the presence of the vice-principal for Undergraduate Studies and Language Policy, Isabel Vázquez; the city councillor of Training and Employment of the City Hall of Valencia, Sandra Gómez; the manager of the General Foundation of the UV, Cristóbal Suria; and the director of OPAL, Vicent González Romá.

The Forum will be followed in Twitter (@OPAL_valencia), Facebook ( and the web

Finally, on Thursday 24, in the ETSE (18:00), they will make a draw of a Samsung Tablet among the students and graduates of the UV who have attended the activities organised throughout the three days of the Forum.

Detailed programme

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