The Valencian Health Department rewards a research from Polibienestar on the psychosocial impact of infertility

  • Tarongers Institutes Support Unit
  • February 14th, 2020
Jordi Garcés i Estrella Durá
Jordi Garcés i Estrella Durá

The Universal and Public Health Department of the Valencian government has given the Institutional Recognition Award for Health Research with a Gender Perspective to the Research Institute on Social Welfare Policy of the Universitat de València (Polibienestar) for its research project “Gender and infertility: Variables associated to the psychosocial impact of infertility in men and women of heterosexual couples".


The project is directed by Professors Estrella Durá and Jordi Garcés. Participating in the event are researchers from Polibienestar Lidia Bueno, Suelen Almeida and Esther Grau; Professor Amparo Bonilla from the University Institute of Women’s Studies of the Universitat de València; as well as professionals from the Assisted Reproduction Unit of the La Fe Hospital of Valencia José María Rubio, Mónica Romeu, Jessica Subirá and Roser Taronger.

The study evaluates, combining quantitative and qualitative methodologies, the differential impact of infertility on the quality of life and emotional adjustment of men and women of heterosexual couples with infertility problems and resort to assisted reproduction techniques. The study allows the identification of different gender characteristics (conformity with gender roles, importance of parenthood, social pressure) as modulators of quality of life and the impact of infertility and assisted reproduction techniques on both members of the couple. According to Professor Jordi Garces, Director of Polibienestar, "this award means to value the transversal gender perspective that Polibienestar implements in all its studies and research of European excellence".

Polibienestar is a public institute of the Universitat de València, specialized in research, innovation and social technology, technical advice and training in the field of social policies, aiming to improve the welfare and quality of life of the society.

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