The vice-principal María Vicenta Mestre, executive secretary of the sectorial of the CRUE about Academic Affairs

  • June 27th, 2017
María Vicenta Mestre

The vice-principal of the Universitat de València María Vicenta Mestre has been elected executive secretary of the sectorial commission of the CRUE about Academic Affairs. The decision was taken in an ordinary meeting which took place on 14 June. This committee aims at co-ordinating the academic activities in the Spanish universities and it made up by the supreme representatives with responsibilities in this field.

The Principal of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Carlos Andradas, is the president of this committee in which Maria Teresa Lozano is the general secretary; Gema Luna is the director of the Area of Co-ordination and Support to the Sectorial Committees; and the chairpersons are Carlos García de la Vega (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid); Maria López (Universidad de Granada); Maria Luisa Martín (Universidad de Salamanca); and Luis Lima (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela).

Some of the activities of this committee are to study, debate and elaborate proposals in the university policy field when it comes to the academic order, the teaching staff and the quality of the Spanish university system.

María Vicenta Mestre is full university professor of Basic Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology of the Universitat de València. Graduated in Psychology and in Educational Sciences and doctor in Psychology of the Universitat de València, she obtained the national prize to the best grant holders of the Spanish Ministry and the award for outstanding PhD theses.

Her teaching activity is focused on subjects of the Degree in Psychology and of the Master’s degree of Psychology, Adolescents in risk and Family at the Universitat de València and other universities in Spain and abroad. She has tutored 16 doctoral thesis. She has recognised six six-year research periods.

She was Secretary of the Department of Basic Psychology (1994-1998), vice-dean of the Faculty of Psychology (2001-2002), dean of the Faculty of Psychology (2002-2006), vice-principal of studies of the Universitat de València (2006-2010) y vice-principal of Academic Planning and Teaching Staff (2010-2014). She is currently co-ordinator of the Academic Work Group of the Commission of Academic Affairs CRUE (since 2015) and executive secretary of CRUE-Sustainability designated on 6-05-2016.

Mestre is member of the Interamerican Society of Psychology, member of the International Association of Applied Psychology (ICAP), member of the Directorate of the Spanish Anxiety and Stress Society and of the Spanish Society for the History of Psychology and member of the University Senate.

In her research aspect stands out, among other projects, for directing as main researcher the ISIC group on personal strengthening, social inclusion and life quality as part of the programme for the creation and strengthening of excellence research networks, she conducts the project ‘Factores de protección y de vulnerabilidad en la adolescencia ante la agresividad y el consumo de drogas: Un estudio longitudinal y transcultural’ (‘Factors of protection and vulnerability in adolescences facing aggressiveness and drugs consumption: A longitudinal and cross-cultural study’) awarded inside the PROMETEO Programme co-ordinated with the University of Missouri and the CONICET of Buenos Aires and the project ‘Competencia socioemocional y personal como prevención de la conducta desadaptada: una propuesta de evaluación e intervención’ (‘Socioemotional and personal competence as prevention of maladjusted behaviour: a proposal of evaluation and intervention’). She is also director of the MOTIVEM Program which includes a summer school for teaching staff, the annual call for prizes and the annual Conference, all of it with the aim of facilitating the work of the teaching staff interested in strengthening the generation of enterprising team work ideas on the part of the students.

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