The writer Santiago Posteguillo and the researcher Juan Ferré, two of the award-winners in the 21st edition of the “University-Society” Awards

  • November 3rd, 2016

The writer Santiago Posteguillo, the researcher Juan Ferré and the Saint Juan de Ribera Hall of Residence are some of the award-winners in the 21st edition of the “University-Society” Award, organized by the Board of Trustees of the UV. The main objective of the award-winners is to recognise the labour of students, researchers and teachers of the Universitat de València, as well as show gratitude to the entities for their collaboration with this institution.

The prizes are distributed in four big modalities: Research and Development, Trajectory of collaboration Universitat de València, Alumni Plus and Awards for the Teaching Excellence of the Board of Trustees.

Santiago Posteguillo, author of remarkable works such as ‘Africanus, el hijo del cónsul’, ‘Las legiones malditas’ and ‘La traición de Roma’, has been awarded in the category of Alumni Plus, that recognises the academic professional excellence of the writer who studied at the Valencian public institution. Posteguillo is graduate and European doctor by the UV, and nowadays he is professor at the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón.

The award in the modality R&D is to acknowledge the R&D actions and projects of collaboration between groups or teams of the Universitat de València and companies, entities or institutions, in which an exemplary cooperation relationship is established. In this case, the researcher Juan Ferré Manzanero from the Genetics Department of the UV, is the award-winner by his collaboration with the enterprise Bayer Cropscience from 2003. The collaboration has been focused on the development of pesticides and other agrochemical products to obtain bio-insecticides not aggressive with the environment for the pest control.

The Saint Juan de Ribera Hall of Residence has been the award-winner institution in the category of ‘Collaboration Trajectory of the Universitat de València’. Founded in 1916, it collaborates with the UV since its start 100 years ago. Outstanding personalities in the field of science, humanities, arts and culture have passed through it. Moreover, this organization has given a grant to a lot of students of the Universitat de València and it has hosted visiting professors and doctorate students.

Innovative ideas and academic excellence

The award ‘Alumni Plus’ also rewards the talent of the students of the Universitat de València, recognising their contribution with ideas and innovative projects in the field of “University-Society” collaboration. In this edition, this awards have gone to the students Diana Paricio Andrés and Rubén Gregori Bou.

Finally, the Teaching Excellence awards, promoted jointly by the Board of Trustees of the Universitat de València and the Valencian Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Valencian Government, are aimed at acknowledging the teaching task of the professors of the Universitat de València. This years the awards have gone to the professors Leopoldo Forner (Department of Stomatology), Mercedes Gumbau, (Department of Economic Analysis), Francisco Javier Jiménez Fortea, (Department of Administrative Law and Procedural Law), Vicent Martínez (Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics), and Mª Dolores Mas (Department of Civil Law).

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