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The complementary activities that the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Participation offer the local entities aim to visualise the great education and researcher potential of the Univeristat on its area of influence and the establishment of institutional relations between the university community and the local public administration (city halls and commonwealths).

The Office of the Vice-Principal plans an open, wide, diverse and articulated catalogue of a series of activities (conferences, specialisation courses, seminars, workshops, events, exhibitions, etc.); or the development of projects or agreements of applied research, among both institutions, which include the intervention of multiple disciplines and scientific areas of the Universitat.

The training, action and dissemination programmes for the Valencian local entities, organised from this Office of the Vice-Principal, cover the following modalities:

  1. Conferences.
  2. Meetings.
  3. Exhibitions.
  4. Workshops.
  5. Congresses.
  6. Collaborations.
  7. Programmes.

In these cases the Universitat will issue a certificate of attendance in the proposed modalities.



The conference or conferences is a territorial seminar, called “Universitat de València Conferences-municipality of”, which comprises an intensive day (morning and/or afternoon) in the town, or three or four sessions, of approximately two hours. This is composed by a series of conferences and/or roundtable, with debate between the speakers and the audience. It has a series of dissertations (approximately between two and five) on a generator topic, proposed by the Universitat or applied for by the local entity, which focuses on particular aspects or aspects of interest for the municipality, dealt with transversally by the university researchers and even by other local and external (of other institutions) specialists.

The local/regional institutions can agree with the Universitat a monographic and population identifying theme, aiming to be called annually. The objective of this is to project a territory from a specific referent theme.


The meeting is an activity which relates, in one or two sessions, the Universitat’s professionals with a specific collective in Valencian society (Regional Study Institutes, Training Centres for the Adults, Natural Parks, Associations -companies, environmental, cultural ones- municipal technicians, halls with a common denomination, etc.) with the aim of treating and debating on a topic which may be of interest for both institutions. It is constituted by a conference cycle, one or two multidisciplinary round tables composed by Universitat specialists, the implied collective and the attending public in general.


The exhibitions compiled on initiative of the Office of Vice-Principal or on the local entities aim to show to the Valencian society another vision on other aspect of its territory (social, economic, environmental, health, cultural, geo-historic, etc.) through the extraordinary background that the specialists of the Universitat de València have accumulated throughout their trajectory. Generally, science and information projects, of multidisciplinary nature, which present an eminent projection of the space for study. There are between 20 and 25 panels elaborated by professors and researchers from any of the disciplines and scientific areas of the Universitat, as well as other specialists linked to the topic and the territory.


The workshop constitutes a space coordinated by a professor of the Universitat de València, a specialist well versed in the subject discussed. We work cooperatively in the elaboration of innovative experiences, in the search of active methods, in the experimentation, etc. It consists of a productive unit of knowledge in which everyone learns, but at the same time they teach the others. In short, the development and perfecting of habits, abilities and skills, everything through the theoretical and practical conjunction.


The congresses constitute activities of greater relevance, organised generally in a periodical way around a monographic topic or some aspects of the local and/or regional reality. They are constituted in base of questions previously fixed with the entities: presentation of the topic, different talks and visions on this on the part of well versed specialists, roundtables, etc. The duration of such covers from one to two days.


The collaborations between the Universitat and local entities, at the request of the city hall or commonwealth, are often materialised in the selection of one or diverse speaker/s of the Universitat, specialists well versed in a topic, and integrated in any kind of activity (conferences, events, seminars, workshops, etc.) of the mentioned institution.


The programme of the Universitat dels Majors provides the keys to better understand life, ageing and the environment in which people over 50 years old live through the classes taught by professors of the Universitat de València. It is a course carried out throughout three years in the area of influence of the population of the Universitat that requests it. It consists of 12 subjects (4 per course) and 10 complementary conferences (approximately once a month) of diverse topics: art, economy, health, history, music, etc. It has a multidisciplinary itinerary of 360 hours, divided in three academic courses of 120 hours each, with dedication of 3 hours one day a week.