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In 2011, the edition and publication of UV corporate web portals began with the new “web content management system of the UV”. This beginning dealt with the transformation of the main portal and corporate webs of the centres of the UV.

With the main portal, areas of Undergraduate studies and Master’s Degree studies migrated, the structure of each tab page of Undergraduate studies and Master’s Degree studies being adapted to the established protocols for the evaluation and tracking of official university degrees.

In the end of 2011-2012 academic year, the migration of the 92 UV Departments’ webs to the new platform was done. In order to deal with the group of corporate portals, the pressing need to start generating new tab pages of Doctoral Studies’ programmes was confirmed in the first stage of the process. The structure of these tab pages was also defined following the established protocols for the future evaluation and tracking of Doctoral studies’ programmes.

In February 2013, the first supporting programme aimed to the coordination of University Master’s Degrees and Doctoral programmes was launched for the creation of Doctoral programmes’ own webs. Since that first programme, more than a hundred own webs for UV Master’s Degrees and Doctoral Studies have been published. 

The project developed by the Web and Marketing Unit went on developing the UV corporate web portals of services, governing bodies, other centres, research institutes and ERIs and other thematic portals.