The workshop will be held at IFIC at the ‘Sala de Audiovisuales’.
Once you get to IFIC (see HOW TO GET TO IFIC) we will put signs
indicating how to get there. Here we give you some basic instructions anyway. Enter the main entrance of IFIC, turn left and go straight on.
About half the corridor you will see a little corridor on your right, connecting two buildings. Take that corridor, enter the new building and go upstairs. You will find a corridor in your back, ending in a little hall with a printer on the right. Go there and take the corridor on the left. The first door on the left is the “Sala de Audiovisuales”.



IFIC - Instituto de Física Corpuscular
Edificio Institutos de Investigación
Polígono de la Coma (junto TVV, parada tranvía Santa Gemma)
E-46980 Paterna (Valencia)  )


From the airport :

From Valencia's airport you can reach the IFIC site by taxi in 15 minutes (approximate price, 15 euros).
The airport is served also by the metro although it can take a bit long (around one hour to get to the IFIC). You should take lines 3 or 5 in any direction, stop at "Angel Guimerà" station, connect there with line 1 (direction "Betera" or "LLiria"), stop at "Empalme" station and take the tram (line 4) to get off in "TVV" (direction "Terramelar", "Fira" or "Mar del Rosari"), which is very close to the IFIC. The IFIC is a red brick building where you can see a clear indication on it UNIVERSITAT DE VALENCIA (left side) and CONSEJO SUPERIOR DE INVESTIGACIONES (right side).

From Valencia's main train station:

You can take the metro at "Xàtiva" station, which is just in front of the train station (called Estació del Nord) and take line 3 or 5 direction "Aeroport", stop at "Angel Guimerà" station and then follow the same way previously explained: connect there with line 1, stop at "Empalme" station and take the tram (line 4) to get of in "TVV"
Alternatively, you can take bus 63 next to the Train Station (this bus does not run on weekends nor university holidays) and get off at "Burjassot Campus" stop, but note it takes about 10 minutes walking from there to  IFIC.

From the University Residence Colegio Mayor Rector Peset:

The best way to get the IFIC from this residence is to walk a bit (700m) and take the tram in the "Pont de Fusta" stop (direction "Terramelar", "Fira" or "Mar del Rosari"), which takes you to the IFIC without connection and stop in "TVV". You can see in the following link how to get from the residence  to “Pont de Fusta”, where the big blue point in the bottom is the University Residence whereas the one on top on the right is the Pont de Fusta tram station:



IMPORTANT: Lately there have been some strikes in bus and metro. We'll try to update this information as much as possilble, but for the moment only strikes in the metro are expected and for the following days:

- 12th April, 18.00-24.00

-14th April, 6.40 - 9.55

In principle it means there will be around 30% of the service.


If you have any question please don't hesitate to ask for further details.