(Valencia, February 1-7, 2009)
Final Program and Presentations
The purpose of this workshop is to gather leading experts in gravitational and both theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics to discuss possible routes to observe the analog of the Hawking effect in condensed matter systems, with special emphasis to Bose-Einstein condensates.

The style will be informal, with much time devoted to discussions.

Sunday 1 will be arrival day, the seminars will start on Monday 2. We will keep the possibility of having a final session Saturday 7 in the morning.


Towards the Observation of Hawking Radiation in Condensed Matter Systems
List of participants


Zeno Gaburro - Università di Trento







Clovis Maia -Universitat Duisburg-Essen
Enrique Fernandez-Borja - Universidad de Valencia-CSIC
Paul Anderson -Wake Forest University
Jacobo Díaz-Polo - Universidad de Valencia
Iván Agulló -Universidad de Valencia-CSIC
Stefano Finazzi - SISSA Trieste
Giovanni Modugno - LENS Firenze
Gian Paolo Procopio - DAMTP Cambridge
Sophie Villerot - LPTMS Orsay
Stefano Giovanazzi - Universität Heidelberg
From upper left clockwise:
Plaza del Ayuntamiento (Town hall square)
Playa de Valencia
Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences)
Sun 1 8pm: informal gathering.
Plaza de la Virgen
Thu 4 9:30pm: social dinner.
Roberto Floreanini - INFN Trieste
Michele Modugno - LENS Firenze
Jean Macher - LPT Orsay
Ted Jacobson - University of Maryland
Renaud Parentani - LPT Orsay
Nicolas Pavloff - LPTMS Orsay
Ulf Leonhardt - University of St. Andrews
Stefano Liberati - SISSA Trieste
Alessio Recati - BEC-INFM-CNR and Università di Trento
Benni Reznik - Tel Aviv University
Eric Cornell - NIST/JILA - University of Colorado
Vincent Josse -IOTA Palaiseau
Gonzalo Olmo -IEM Madrid
Chris Westbrook -IOTA Palaiseau
Grisha Volovik - Helsinki University of Technology
Lev Pitaevski - BEC-INFM-CNR and Università di Trento
Luis Garay - Universidad Complutense and IEM Madrid
Ralf Schutzhold - Universität Duisburg-Essen and Technische Universität Dresden
Max Rinaldi - Université de Geneve
Germain Rousseaux - Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis
Michael Koehl - Cambridge University
Bill Unruh - University of British Columbia
Gil Jannes -IAA Granada and IEM Madrid
Organizing commitee

Roberto Balbinot - Università di Bologna

Iacopo Carusotto - BEC Trento and ETH Zurich

Alessandro Fabbri - IFIC (Universidad de Valencia-CSIC)

Carlos Mayoral - IFIC (Universidad de Valencia-CSIC)

José Navarro-Salas - IFIC (Universidad de Valencia-CSIC)

The workshop is planned to be held at Instituto de Física Corpuscular (IFIC). Here are some explanations about how to get there from the airport, the train station and the accomodations. IMPORTANT: See this link on how to get WIFI connection.



The participants will be lodged in:

- Colegio Mayor Rector Peset (University Residence),which is located in the city centre.

- NH Center, which is located here.

- Meliá Inglés, located here

Here are some indications about how to get to the accomodations from the airport.

Tourist information
Some tourist information about Valencia can be found here.
Scientific Program
Social Activities
Preliminary program and list of abstracts.
Final program and presentations.
This workshop is sponsored by MEC/MICINN under contracts Proyecto Explora FIS2007-29092-E and National Project FIS2008-06078-C03-02

Any enquiry about the workshop and the webpage please contact workshopEHR@uv.es