4595 Narrativa en Lengua Anglesa I



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4595 Narrativa en Lengua Anglesa I

Tipus de Curs/Type of Course:

Condició prèvia/Initial Requirements:
Mètode docent/Teaching and Learning Methods:
Clase magistral y trabajo en equipo (lecture and team-work).
Llengua en que s'imparteix/Language used by lecturer during the course: Descripción del Curso/Contents for the course:
Structured by topics:

Objetivos/Aims of the Course:
To get acquainted with and know about authors, works and critical currents of  english narrative and to develop or improve a certain critical skill to analyse and comment on ©opyrighted/written text.



These materials, several books, including short, accessible discussions of theory, books and articles that provide model interpretations of some of these texts, as well as a few articles on the very act of reading and how we understand narrative are already on-line.

You will have two formal writing assignments and several informal writing tasks.
Each class session we will discuss some aspect of literature, of reading strategies, and have some form of practice writing. On days that are designated as "workshops" we will each bring a draft of the paper and work on improving it with several members of our workshop groups.
Each assignment sheet describes how that  task will be assessed. I

Class participation (reading notebook included) 20%
Critical Theory Paper 50%
Case Study final project 30%


Textos de Referència

The Camelot Project

The main menu lists the members of King Aurthur's Court. Click on them to get a list of texts about them (some are available to read online) and images. It's a really neat site, but be warned: it loads very slowly and you might even get a "too busy" response.

Columbia University's Bartleby Library

Project Bartleby offers fulltext classics of poetry and prose including works by Keats, Christie, Du Bois, O'Neill, and many more. Bartleby's next big release will be The Oxford Book of English Verse, making them "the definitive poetry site." Includes search tool.

Elements of Style

This well known writer's handbook has been reproduced online and is available as part of Project Bartleby.

The Great Books of Western Civilization

Mercer College's Great Books Program is here summarized and each course's required reading listed. There are also links to related fulltext works on the web.

Jane Austen Information Page

This is an excellent resource and compilation of information about Jane Austen. The biographical text is sprinkled with links to her writings and to other sources.


This lovely site offers the life stories and the works of 20 sixteenth century English authors, and also has sections for Medieval and seventeenth century authors and works.

The Modern English Collection at the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia

Hundreds of hypertext books, available for downloading. Huge resource.


This Web-based work of art and literature is "constructed somewhat like a labyrinth wherein works grow over time." A neat presentation of how the Web can provide a new way to experience art, literature, and storytelling.

Online Books

More electronic texts online; a good companion to Project Gutenberg and Project Bartleby.

An Online Literature Library

This collection of online texts is organized by author. It's not a huge number of works, but each title is complete so you must admire the work put into the site.

Project Gutenberg

The goal of this massive project is to make classic works of literature available online. This is an excellent start.

Publisher's Weekly Online

Great information on current publications, authors, publishing houses, and more. This is a great resource for writers, publishers, and those interested in the field. Nicely designed, which is an added bonus considering the great content.

Purdue Online Writing Lab

You don't have to be a student at Purdue (or anywhere) to make great use of this site. Online tutorials walk you through and offer coaching on writing sentences, letters, punctuation, spelling, and more. And don't miss the section that can help you write a resume.


STELLA (Software for Teaching English Language and Literature) comes from The University of Glasgow and is involved in bringing computer applications into English studies. Among other things, this site offers an On-line Resources section with links to excellent English and Scots language and literature sources.

The University of Virginia Electronic Text Library

An online collection of texts in many languages, including English (see Modern English Collection above), French, Japanese, Latin, and Hebrew. Site also has links to other library resources at UVa. Note: some items are restricted to UVa student use only.

Victorian Women Writers

Includes complete works in downloadable format. These are big files, so be warned. But, some of these works aren't available most other places.

The Web Concordances

This is "the first interactive literary concordance system on the Web." It offers works by Shelley, Keats, and other Romantic poets, with concordances for all poems and workbooks for some. In addition to its considerable literary offering, this site is an excellent place to learn about concordances, how they work, and how they partner with computer technology. (Frames intensive, but well explained.) Great site!

The Western Canon

The purpose here is "to provide a single location where the Internet community can come and find links to the most important written works of western civilization." Great minds, ideas, and literature are here, arranged by time period, author, or subject. An excellent resource.


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