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The sublime, the learned, the useful, the unusual, .....all of it is out there in cyberspace. Here is a selection of sites for you to visit all of them are centred on the Brontës.

The official Brontë Parsonage Museum site is currently at Basic information like the times of opening and how to book visits are here, along with details of some of the talks and study days which have been organised. These tend to take place in the Brontë Society's premises at 74 Main Street, Haworth. You could move on from this to, launched originally as a site dealing with the Brontë birthplace village of Thornton but which has now expanded at a phenomenal rate to cover Top Withins, Ponden Hall ("Thrushcross Grange" in Wuthering Heights, Oakwell Hall and Red House in Birstall. potential visitors to the area can find out about bed and breakfast accommodation and buy various products like guide books from these pages.

Typical of the small-scale material put on the web by lecturers and students all over the world is a short "presentation" by Dayle Ann Hunt entitled "Charlotte Bronte and Jane Eyre - Reinventing a Life on the Page" which quotes from one of Charlotte's letters, explains why Jane Eyre is a "perfect model" of Victorian fiction and sets fictional against biographical events in a chart. Find it at :

The on-line Brontë Sisters Conference organised from Austin, Texas, on a large scale. Large numbers of participants have each contributed about a paragraph on fifty topics. The tone is informal. Find the reply by looking up Extensive links with other Brontë sites. Recommended educational resource.

Charlotte's Web is maintained by Susan Castellón Lunsford and is an offshoot of her thesis dealing with Charlotte Brontë's juvenilia. It is headed by a quote from Jane Eyre : "I longed for a power of vision which might. . .reach the busy world. . .I had heard of but never seen.." It contains a short history of the juvenilia, excerpts from some of Charlotte's juvenile stories Brushwood Hall and Caroline Vernon, a map of the Great Glasstown Confederacy by Branwell Brontë and a chronology of Angria. This is the URL: Contact Ms Lunsford with your comments on .The Brontë Archives maintained by one KKramer can be found at You will find some of Emily's poetry there, you will have access to the complete text of Wuthering Heights.

SAC LitWeb Brontës Page includes the on-line complete texts of Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Agnes Grey, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Mrs Gaskell's Life of Charlotte Brontë, along with other links to study notes from Barron's. There is plenty on Victorian Literature in general, too....and don't forget to look at Virginia Woolf's account of her visit to Haworth in 1904.

Branwell Brontë is featured individually on a number of sites, including this one from Japan : which is connected to the Brontë Newsletter of Japan. Website for Brontë Students. Aimed at students aged 15-18 with an interest in the Brontës. Students are encouraged to contribute to the development of this website.

The town of Brontë in Sicily has a website, too. It has everything from information on the public baths to details of cinema programmes - in Italian of course. It's at

Some are useful, some are original, some are innecessary, but if you are interested on The Brontës you will find these sites very interesting.

Here you have more sites related to Brontës' Sisters:


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