Sources: Swift's Works
This list is compiled from several sources and represents a very mixed assortment of Jonathan Swift's work: poetry and prose, longer and shorter pieces, significant and trivial, published and unpublished writings (but not his correspondence, covered elsewhere). Consequently, it is difficult to present such a range of items -- from the unpublished, one-page "When I Come to Be Old" to the 20 volume Works -- consistently or evenly, but I tried to do it anyway.

Neither is this (yet) a comprehensive list of Swift's works. His prose and poetry fill 17 thick volumes (and his correspondence another five). I have tried scrupulously to identify any online sources of Swift's works, to list all of his significant writing, and then anything else I come across. If you are aware of items, especially those online, not listed here, please let me know via the comment form.

Items are listed chronologically, based on first publication date, where applicable. Otherwise the date written is used. 

Ode to the King. On his Irish Expedition. And The Success of his Arms in general
Ode to the Athenian Society
Ode to the Honourable Sir William Temple
An Answer to A Scurrilous Pamphlet, Lately Printed, Intituled, A Letter from Monsieur De Cros London
When I Come to Be Old
A Discourse Of The Contests and Dissensions Between The Nobles and the Commons In Athens and Rome, With The Consequences they had upon both those States, .
A Tale Of A Tub, Written for the Universal Improvement of Mankind. Diu multumque desideratum. 
To which is added, 
An Account of a Battel Between the Antient and Modern Books in St. James's Library London, . 
From "A Digression on Madness" 
Predictions For The Year 1708. Wherein the Month and Day of the Month are set down, the Persons named, and the great Actions and Events of next Year particularly related, as they will come to pass. Written to prevent the People of England from being further impos'd on by vulgar Almanackmakers. By Isaac Bickerstaff Esq., .
The Accomplishment Of the First of Mr. Bickerstaffs Predictions: Being an Account Of the Death of Mr. Partrige, The Almanack-Maker, upon the 29th Inst., in A Letter to a Person of Honour
An Elegy on Mr. Patrige, the Almanack-maker, who Died on the 29th of this Instant March, 1708.
A Vindication Of Isaac Bickerstaff Esq; Against What is Objected to Him by Mr. Partrige, in his Almanack for the present Year 1709. By the said Isaac Bickerstaff Esq London, .
A Letter From A Member of the House of Commons In Ireland To A Member of the House of Commons In England, Concerning the Sacramental Test.
A Famous Prediction of Merlin, the British Wizard; written above a Thousand Years ago, and relating to this Present Year. With Explanatory Notes. By T. N. Philomath.
A Project For The Advancement of Religion, And the Reformation of Manners
Baucis and Philemon, Imitated from Ovid, 1709. 
A Description of the Morning
Univ. of Pennsylvania
University of Toronto
The Poet's Corner 
A Meditation Upon A Broom-Stick, and Somewhat Beside; Of The Same Author's, . 
The Virtues of Sid Hamet the Magician's Rod.
A Description of a City Shower
Essays in The Examiner 
A Short Character Of His Ex. T. E. of W L. L. of I------. With An Account of some smaller Facts, during His Government, which will not be put into the Articles of Impeachment, .
Miscellanies in Prose and Verse
"The Sentiments of a Church-of-England Man," 
"A Letter from a Member of the House of Commons in Ireland," 
"A Project for the Advancement of Religion," 
"An Argument to Prove That the Abolishing of Christianity in England, May as Things Now Stand, Be Attended with Some Inconveniencies, and Perhaps Not Produce Those Many Good Effects Proposed Thereby".
Some Remarks Upon a Pamphlet, Entitl 'd, A Letter to the Seven Lords of the Committee, appointed to Examine Gregg. By the Author of the Examiner.
An Excellent New Song: Being The Intended Speech of a famous Orator against Peace.
The W--ds-r Prophecy.
The Conduct Of The Allies, And Of The Late Ministry, In Beginning and Carrying on The Present War. 
The Fable of Midas. 
A Proposal For Correcting, Improving and Ascertaining The English Tongue; In A Letter To the Most Honourable Robert Earl of Oxford and Mortimer, Lord High Treasurer of Great Britain. 
Some Advice Humbly Offer'd to the Members Of The October Club, In A Letter From A Person of Honour.
Some Remarks On The Barrier Treaty, Between Her Majesty And The States-General. By the Author of The Conduct of the Allies.
Some Reasons To Prove, That no Person is obliged by his Principles, as a Whig, to Oppose Her Majesty Or Her Present Ministry. In a Letter to a Whig-Lord.
Peace and Dunkirk; Being An Excellent New Song upon the Surrender of Dunkirk to General Hill London.
A Hue and cry after Dismal: Being a full and true Account, how a Whig L- -d was taken at Dunkirk, in the Habit of a Chimney-sweeper, and carryed before General Hill.
A Letter Of Thanks From My Lord W****n To The Lord Bp of S. Asaph, In the Name of the Kit-Cat-Club.
Mr. C- -ns's Discourse Of Free-Thinking, Put into plain English, by way of Abstract, For The Use of the Poor. By a Friend of the Author.
The Importance Of The Guardian Considered, in a Second Letter To The Bailiff of Stockbridge. By a Friend of Mr. St---le.
A Preface To The B----p of S--r--m's Introduction To the Third Volume of the History of the Reformation Of The Church of England. By Gregory Misosàrum.
Part of the Seventh Epistle Of The First Book Of Horace Imitated: And Address'd to a Noble Peer. 
The First Ode Of The Second Book Of Horace Paraphras'd: And Address'd to Richard St--le, Esq. 
Treatise On Good Manners And Good Breeding
The Publick Spirit Of The Whigs: Set Forth in their Generous Encouragement of the Author Of The Crisis: With Some Observations On The Seasonableness, Candor, Erudition, and Style of that Treatise.
Phillis. Or, the Progress of Love 
The Poet's Corner
The Progress of Beauty
The Lucubrations Of Isaac Bickerstaff Esq. 
A Proposal For the Universal Use Of Irish Manufacture, In Cloaths and Furniture of Houses &c., Uterly Rejecting and Renouncing Every Thing wearable that comes from England.
A Letter of Advice to a Young Poet: Together with a Proposal for the Encouragement of Poetry in Ireland
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A Letter From A Lay-Patron To A Gentleman, Designing for Holy Orders
The Progress of Poetry 
The Poet's Corner
To Stella, Who Collected and Transcribed his Poems
To Stella, Visiting me in my Sickness
The Bubble: A Poem. 
Apollo's Edict. 
republished as A Letter To A Young Gentleman, Lately enter'd into Holy Orders, By a Person of Quality.
Epilogue, To be spoke at the Theatre-Royal This present Saturday being April the 1st. In the Behalf of the Distressed Weavers.
The Bank thrown down. To an Excellent New Tune.
The last speech and dying words of Ebenezor Elliston, who is to be executed this second day of Ma y, 1722. Publish 'd at his desire for the common good.
Some Arguments Against enlarging the Power of Bishops, In letting of Leases. With Remarks on some Queries Lately published.
A Letter To The Shop-Keepers, Tradesmen, Farmers, and Common People of Ireland, Concerning the Brass HalftPence Coined by Mr. Woods, with a Design to have them Pass in this Kingdom. By M. B. Drapier.
A Letter To Mr. Harding the Printer, Upon Occasion of a Paragraph In His News-Paper of Aug. 1sL Relating to Mr. Woods's Half-Pence. By M. B.Drapier.
Some Observations Upon a Paper, Call 'd, The Report Of The Committee Of The Most Honourable the Privy-Council In England, Relating to Wood's Half-Pence. By M. B. Drapier.
A Serious Poem Upon William Wood, Brasier, Tinker, Hard- Ware-Man, Coiner, Counteifeiter, Founder and Esquire.
A Letter To The Whole People Of Ireland. By M. B. Drapier.
To his Grace The Arch-Bishop of Dublin, A Poem.
An Excellent New Song Upon His Grace Our good Lord Archbishop Of Dublin. By Honest JO, one of His Grace's Farmers in Fingel.
Prometheus, a Poem.
Seasonable Advice. Since a Bill is preparing for the Grand Jury, to find against the Printer of the Drapier's last Lettei; there are several things maturely to be considered by those Gentlemen, before whom this Bill is to come, before they determine upon it.
The Presentment Of The Grand-Jury Of The County of the City Of Dublin.
A Letter To the Right Honourable the Lord Viscount Molesworth. By M. B. Drapier, Author of the Letter to the Shop-keepers, &c.
Fraud Detected; Or, The Hibernian Patriot. Containing, All the Drapier's Letters to the People of Ireland, on Wood's Coinage, &c. 
The Birth Of Manly Virtue From Callimachus. 
Cadenus and Vanessa. A Poem, . 
Stella's Birth-Day. March 13. 1726 / 7
Univ. of Pennsylvania
Univ. of Toronto
Advice To The Grub Street Verse-Writers
Travels Into Several Remote Nations Of The World. In Four Parts. by Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and then a Captain of several Ships. 
Stella's Birthday March 13, 1719 Univ. of Toronto
The Death of Mrs. Johnson
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A Short View Of The State Of Ireland.
An Answer To A Paper, Called A Memorial Of the Poor Inhabitants, Tradesmen and Labourers of the Kingdom of Ireland. By the Author of the Short View of the State of Ireland.
An Account of the Court and Empire of Japan. 
essays in the The Intelligencer
A Modest Proposal For preventing the Children Of Poor People From being a Burthen to their Parents, Or The Country, And For making them Beneficial to the Publick. 
The Journal Of A Dublin Lady; In a Letter to a Person of Quality.
An Epistle Upon An Epistle From a certain Doctor To a certain great Lord: Being A Christmas-Box for D.D---y. 
An Epistle To His Excellency John Lord Carteret, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 
A Libel On D--------D-------And A Certain Great Lord. 
A Vindication Of His Excellency The Lord C----T From The Charge Of favouring none but Tories, High-Churchmen, and Jacobites. By the Reverend Dr. S-T.
Lady A--S--N Weary of the Dean. 
Death and Daphne. To an agreeable young Lady, but extremely lean
A Panegyric On the Reverend Dean Swift. 
An Apology To The Lady C--R--T. 
Horace Book I. Ode XIV. O navis, referent, &c. Paraphrased and inscribed to Ir--d. 
Traulus. The first Part. In A Dialogue Between Tom and Robin.
Traulus The Second Part.
The Day of Judgement
A Soldier And A Scholar: Or The Lady's Judgment Upon those two Characters In the Persons of Captain---and D--n S--T, ;
republished as The Grand Question debated, 1732. 
An Elegy On Dicky and Dolly, With the Virgin: A Poem. To which is Added The Narrative of D. S. when he was in the North of Ireland. 
Considerations Upon Two Bills Sent down from the R-H- the H-- of L- - To the H--ble H-- of C--- Relating to the Clergy of I*****d.
An Examination Of Certain Abuses, Corruptions, and Enormities In The City of Dublin.
The Lady's Dressing Room
To which is added, A Poem On Cutting down the Old Thorn at Market Hill. By the Rev. Dr. S--T.
The Advantages Propos 'd By Repealing The Sacramental Test, Impartially Considered.
A Proposal For an Act of Parliament, To Pay off the Debt of the Nation, Without Taxing the Subject, by which the Number of landed Gentry, and substantial Farmers will be considerably encreased and no one Person will be the poorer, or contribute one Farthing to the Charge. by A--- P---, Esq;
McMaster University
University of Bristol 
The Life And Genuine Character Of Doctor Swift, Written by Himself, . 
The Presbyterians Plea Of Merit; In Order to take off the Test, Impartially Examined.
On Poetry: A Rapsody. 
An Epistle To A Lady, Who desired the Author to make Verses on Her, In The Heroick Stile. Also A Poem, Occasion'd by Reading Dr. Young's Satires, Called the Universal Passion. 
A Beautiful Young Nymph Going to Bed. Written for the Honour of the Fair Sex. Pars minima est ipsa Puella sui. Ovid Remed. Amoris. 
To Which Are Added,
Strephon and Chloe. And Cassinus and Peter. 
The Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D, D.S.P.D., 
4 volumes. Dublin: Printed by & for George Faulkner, 1735
enlarged to 20 volumes, 1738-1772. 
Reasons Why We Should not Lower the coins now current in this Kingdom. Occasioned by a Paper Entitled, Remarks on the Coins current in this Kingdom. to which is added, The Rev. Dean Swift's Opinion, Delivered by him, in an Assembly of above One hundred and fifty eminent Merchants who met at the Guild Hall, on Saturday the 24th of April, 1736, in order to draw up their Petition, and Present it to his Grace the Lord-Lieutenant against lowering said Coin.
McMaster University
University of Bristol
A Character, Panegyrick, and Description of the Legion Club
A Proposal For Giving Badges To The Beggars In All The Parishes of Dublin. By the Dean of St. Patrick's.
To Quilca, A Country-House In No Very Good Repair, Where The Supposed Author, And Some Of His Friends, Spent A Summer, In The Year, 1725
An Imitation Of The Sixth Satire Of The Second Book Of Horace, by Swift and Alexander Pope. 
The Beasts Confession To The Priest, On Observing how most Men mistake their own Talents. 
Univ. of Toronto
A Complete Collection Of Genteel and Ingenious Conversation, According to the Most Polite Mode and Method Now Used at Court, and in the Best Companies of England. In Three Dialogues, as Simon Wagstaff.
also published as A Treatise On Polite Conversation, 1738
dramatized as Tittle Tattle; Or, Taste A-la-Mode. A New Farce. Perform'd with Universal Applause by a Select Company Of Belles and Beaux, At The Lady Brilliant's Withdrawing-Room, as Timothy Fribble, 1749. 
Verses On The Death Of Dr. Swift. Occasioned by Reading a Maxim in Rochefoucault, "Dans l'adversit  de nos meilleurs amis nous trouvons quelque chose, qui ne nous deplaist pas." Written by Himself: Nov. 1731. 
Univ. of Pennsylvania
Univ. of Toronto
Some Free Thoughts Upon The Present State Of Affairs. Written in the Year 1714.
Directions To Servants. By the Revd. Dr. Swift, D.S.P.D.
The Story Of The Injured Lady.
A True Copy Of The Late Rev. Dr. Jonathan Swift's Will.
The Last Will And Testament Of Jonathan Swift, D.D. 
D--n Sw--t's Medley. 
Brotherly Love. A Sermon, Preached In St. Patrick's Church; On December 1st, 1717. By Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin.
The History of the Four Last Years of the Queen.
Hints Toward An Essay On Conversation
A Satirical Elegy On The Death Of A Late Famous General 
An Essay On The Fates Of Clergymen.
An Essay On Modern Education
Bons Mots de Stella
Stella's Birth-Day. A great Bottle of Wine, long buried, being that Day dug up
The Logicians Refuted
The Puppet Show
The Dean's [Author's] Manner of Living 

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