" # 14227 Teatro Inglés Siglos XIX y XX"

grupos A y B.

Week I
Sept. 27, 2005 Martes

General Introduction to the course. Proposed Readings and Work plan. Some useful definitions.
Presentation of MMM and UVPress. Propuesta de Obras teatrales .
Introducción al entorno Aula Virtual de la Universitat de València.
Presentación de los servicios: web-mail, chat, noticias, foros, calendario, p&r, encuestas y entrega de trabajos.

Sept. 29, 2005 Jueves

01 Power Point Presentations en el Aula Virtual
a) Teatro del siglo XX  Términos Teatrales: 

b) The Art of Theatre

The Place of theatre in contemporary Life
    Western Theatre
    20th-century Theatre
    Mid-20th-century theatre
The literary element of theatre, Theatrical Production, and Theatres and Stages.

Week II

Oct. 4, 2005  Martes

01 John Osborne Biografía y links.

02 Reseña del World Socialist Web Site
WSWS : Arts Review : Theater and Dance
An inarticulate hope
Look Back in Anger
  by John Osborne
By Paul Bond 14 September 1999

03 The Entertainer , (1957) at 
This essay written by Andrew Wyllie, Birkbeck College.

04 Active 1950 - 1992       
This essay written by Andrew Wyllie, Birkbeck College.

05 Cavalier and Roundhead
by John Heilpern

06 Links relating to John Osborne's Luther

07 Papers, 1954-1994
Preliminary Inventory at the HRC

Oct. 6, 2005 Jueves

08 The Write Stuff
John Osborne

09 A lifelong satirist of prigs and puritans
by David Hare

10 entrevistas emitidas por la BBC

BBC - Radio 4 Front Row - 17/09/02

Front Row is Radio 4's live weekday arts programme reporting on the world of the visual art, literature, film, media and music. Listen again to interviews, reviews and features, tonight featuring ...
BBC - Radio 4 Front Row - 25/08/03

FRONT ROW SPECIAL. JOHN OSBORNE . As JohnOsborne 's little known play The Hotel in Amsterdam receives its first revival ...

Week III

Oct. 11,  Martes

01 The Samuel Beckett Society


The Samuel Beckett On-line Resources and Links Pages. Includes: 
[ Papers on Beckett ] [ Other Sites and Pages ] [ Beckett Interviews ]
[ On-line Texts ] [ On-line Bookstores ] [ Film and Video ]
[ Audio ] [ Beckett Festivals and Events ] [ The End ]

03 Waiting for Godot
Act 1 y Act 2
To both read and listen to a fine, two-part live performance of Act 1 by the Stratford Festival players as recorded and broadcast by CBC Radio, click here
04 Versión en castellano disponible on-line
Esperando a Godot 
Parte 1 | Parte 2 | Parte 3 | Parte 4 | Parte 5
OBRA EN DOS ACTOS. Traducción del francés por Pedro Barceló

Oct. 13,  Jueves

05 Samuel Beckett
Página web dedicada a S.B. Última actualización 17/07/1996. Testimonio del pasado.

06 April 20, 1956
Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot' by Brooks Atkinson.

07 Nobel Prize Internet Archive

08 Britanica 1997 Encyclopædia Britannica. Nobel prizes website.

09 Four Encounters with Beckett, a page by Tina Hsu, Univ. of Pennsylvania
10 Coming in 2006, Sam's centenary year

Week IV

Oct. 18,  Martes

01 BBC Defining moments : Arnold Wesker

02 The Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center  
Arnold Wesker, 1932- Papers, 1925-2000 Preliminary Inventory
03 Short chronology / Long chronology / Books about Arnold Wesker /

Web-sites which have performed Wesker's plays world-wide / OPEN LETTERS

04 Finger Waggers Arnold Wesker responds to Caryl Phillips.

05  The Methuen Book of Sixties Drama
by Arnold Wesker, John Arden, Edward Bond, Joe Orton, Peter Barnes .
Roots / Sergeant Musgrave's Dance / Saved / Loot / The Ruling Class
Five outstanding plays from the British theatre of the 1960s.

Oct. 20, 2005 Jueves

06 Arnold Wesker , The Kitchen

07 Su representante Category: Drama. Radio. Stage
Agent: Nicky Lund
Arnold Wesker, FRSL, Hon. Litt.D. born London 1932, is the author of 42 plays, four books of short stories, two collections of essays, a book for young people, three of non-fiction, and an autobiography.

08 The smaller picture
In the second in our series on political theatre, Arnold Wesker argues that human experience, not theories and ideas, makes great plays. Saturday March 15, 2003 The Guardian

09 The British Council´s Arnold Wesker at

10   Writing for Theatre  Arnold Wesker's Guide.
    1. The difference between art as therapy and art as experience.
    2: To distinguish between material that is the stuff of literature and material that is anecdote.

Entrega del trabajo I Oct. 20, 2005 Jueves
Módulos de lectura y representación teatral. Propuesta de ficha mínima.

Week V

Oct. 25, 2005 Martes

01 El website oficial de Harold Pinter

02 Su biografía

03 Sus obras desglosadas y en detalle.

04 Recursos disponibles on-line

05 Harold Pinter Archives

Oct. 27,  2005 Jueves

06 The Dumb Waiter

07  Harold Pinter blasts 'Nazi America' and 'deluded idiot' Blair. In the Guardian

08 PINTER at the BBC

09 Audio Interviews - Harold Pinter BBC
Audio interview and biographical details on the playwright, poet, screenwriter and director

10 Harold Pinter Timeline
Harold Pinter's Life     Social, Political and Cultural Events
Exclusive interviews with Michael Billington and Karel Reisz talking about Harold Pinter,
Video Clips

Week VI

Nov. 01,  2005 Martes

01 Tom Stoppard

02 On-line Resources and Links

03 University of Texas at Austin Papers at the HRC: Biographical Sketch

04 Another biographical sketch.

05 Lecture on Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
[Lecture prepared by Ian Johnston of Malaspina University-College on April 10, 1997.
This document is in the public domain, released June 1999]

Nov. 03, 2005 Jueves

06 Tom Stoppard at the complete review : A Literary Saloon and Site of Review

07 The stagecraft of Tom Stoppard

08 Interview at British Council in Poland

09 From the Internet Movie Database
10 En la colección Teatro Contemporáneo Europea
dirigida y editada por el Dr. Juan V. Martínez Luciano

The Real Thing Número 12. Algo Auténtico, de Tom Stoppard.
Traducción e introducción de Juan V. Martínez Luciano

Servicios de Publicaciones de la UV, Depto. Filología Inglesa y Alemana, 2000.
Además de en librerías, los textos se pueden adquirir en el Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universitat de València o en

Week VII

Nov 08,  2005 Martes

Edward Bond  Authorpages at Methuen

Selections from the Notebooks of Edward Bond (hb)
Volume 1: 1959-1980

Selections from the Notebooks of Edward Bond (hb)
Volume 2: 1980-1995
04  Edward Bond (1934-), Playwright and director.
National Portrait Gallery's collection.

05 SHAKSPER 2000: Edward Bond's 'Bingo '
SHAKSPER, the international electronic conference for Shakespearean researchers, instructors, students, and those who share their academic interests and concerns.
Shannon Marie Ogden's costume creations for Bingo by Edward Bond

Nov 10, 2005 Jueves

06 Saved , November 1965  Edward Bond's play and its baby-stoning scene beat the censors and divided critics in November 1965, by Samantha Elli Wednesday April 23, 2003 in the The Guardian

07 Saved at Methuen One of the great modern plays of the 1960s.
Saved is a modern classic and now part of the world repertoir.
08 The Fool by Edward Bond. Royal Court Theatre. 18 November 1975 08 Edward Bond's The Tin Can People Opens February 13, 2003

09 Blowup (alias "Blow-Up") Italy-UK (1966): Drama/Thriller/Mystery

10 Bibliografía de la Universidad de Maguncia


Nov. 15,  2005 Martes


Nov 17, 2005 Jueves 


Week IX

Nov 23, 2005 Martes

01Scholarly Resources for Victorian Research

02 Victorian Web by George P. Landow, Professor of English and Art History, Brown University

03 The Victorian & Edwardian Theatre Collection   

04 The Victorian periodicals

05 EastLynne , the Sensational Fiction , and the Sporting Novel  The Home Library EastLynne

06 19th Century , Victorian and Edwardian Theatre History Resources ,

07 The Golden Age of Theatre (1880-1920) .

08 Michael R.Booth Theatre Collection .

09 University of Virginia's Department of Drama .

10 Theatre History in Europe : Architectural and Textual Resources Online.

Nov 25, 2005 Jueves

01 William Butler Yeats , Sean O'Casey and John Millington Synge

02 William Butler Yeats Bio en Wikipedia

03 On-line plays W B Yeats at the Gutenberg Library

04 William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

05 W.B.Yeats Nobel Prize site 1923William Butler Yeats's speech at the Nobel Banquet at Grand Hôtel, Stockholm, December 10, 1923

06 Yeats sobre Synge (su amistad) The Project Gutenberg EBook  
Synge And The Ireland Of His Time by William Butler Yeats

07 Synge at the Princess Grace Irish Library

08 Online texts at Project Gutenberg of John Millington Synge

09 Irish_theatre

From Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia.

The 19th Century
The Abbey and After - The Gaiety Theatre
Mid 20th Century
Recent Developments

10 a concise bio-bibliographical dictionary of Irish writers.

Week X

Nov 29, 2005 Martes

01  Oscar Wilde

02 Oscar Wilde photographs

03 All his works online

Dic 01 , 2005 Jueves

01 George Bernard Shaw

02 The Quintessential GBS

03 George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

04 The Nobel Prize in Literature 1925

05  George Bernard Shaw – Documentary

See a Video of the Event
2 min. (English) © ITN Archive /Reuters
George Bernard Shaw pays tribute to Professor Albert Einstein in an after dinner-speech in London, England, in January 1931

06 Talks for Sixth Formers.George Bernard Shaw talks about

Audio        few things he has learned now he is 80    1  min 7
Audio        the hardest part of schooling, the benefit of learning while you're young     1 min 29
Audio         the trick to passing exams   2 min 55
Audio         coping with life after school and being a good citizen   4 min 40  1 January 1937  BBC

07 Bernard Shaw (1856–1950).   Man and Superman.  1903. Act I

08 Bernard Shaw (1856–1950).   Pygmalion.   1916.  Act I

Entrega del trabajo II Dic 01 , 2005 Jueves
Módulos de lectura y representación teatral. Propuesta de ficha mínima

Week XI

Dic 13 ,  Martes
Presentación en clase de los trabajos publicados por los alumnos en su espacio web, y que aspiran a nota por encima de Notable. Aclaración de dudas, problemas y dificultades con el diseño de las páginas web. Manual de instrucciones detallado y con indicaciones paso a paso en: P&R (Preguntas & Respuestas).

Dic 15 , 2005 Jueves
Presentación en clase de los trabajos publicados por los alumnos en su espacio web, y que aspiran a nota por encima de Notable. Aclaración de dudas, problemas y dificultades con el diseño de las páginas web. Manual de instrucciones detallado y con indicaciones paso a paso en: P&R (Preguntas & Respuestas).

Entrega del trabajo III Dic 15 , 2005 Jueves

o alternativamente como fecha tope el 16.12.2005
 depositándolo en mi buzón. (Bustia nº 42, 6º piso)

Week XII

Dic 20 , 2005 Martes

"Little Theater" 
Théâtre Libre de Paris, Die Freie Bühne de Berlin, the Independent Theater de Londres

Ibsen , Strindberg , Hauptmann Bertolt Brecht .

Dic 22 , 2005 Jueves
-ismos y Teorías Literarias: crítica platónica, aristotélica, horaciana, de "Longinus", crítica histórica, crítica temática, formalismo, crítica psico-analítica, crítica arquetípica, crítica marxista, crítica estructuralista, crítica feminista, deconstructivismo, crítica del "reader-response", dialógica, nuevo historicismo, multiculturalismo, postmodernista, neo-postmodernista, últimas corrientes, etc.



Enero 10, 2005 Martes
Clase no presencial, podrás asistir conectándote con tu usuario y contraseña del Aula Virtual. Los temas a tratar durante las sesiones de chat implican que cada alumnos previamente a la sesión se haya leído y conozca las páginas web que a continuación enumeramos.

01 Live Theatre on the Web  

02 iNtuitons Experimental Theatre  

03 Playwrights on the Web

04 Shakespeare Multimedia Research Project
The Open University / BBC Shakespeare Multimedia Research Project

05 Shakespeare and the Globe
Reading University, dept of English

06 GlobeQTVR
QuickTime VR images of the temporary stage to view 

Enero 12, 2006 Jueves

Clase no presencial, podrás asistir conectándote con tu usuario y contraseña del Aula Virtual

07 spectacle.index.html
Department of Theatre and Dance, Appalachian State University

08 Theatron Ltd.
Theatron Limited

09 Foundation of the Hellenic World
Foundation of the Hellenic World

Week XIV

Enero 17, 2006 Martes
Clase no presencial, podrás asistir conectándote con tu usuario y contraseña del Aula Virtual.

01 i.e.VR Home Page
The Institute for the Exploration of Virtual Realities, University of Kansas.

02 It/I : a computer theater play
MIT Media Laboratory and the Digital Life Consortium present : It / I , a computer theater play by Claudio Pinhanez.

03 Networked Virtual Reality Centres for Art &Design
The Networked Virtual Reality Centres for Art & Design (NVRCAD) are located at the Universities of Coventry, 

04 Projection and Virtual Reality Performance at WPI
Virtual Reality Performance at WPI, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, U.S.A.

05 Richard Cray's Performance Animation Home Page
"Performance Animation Society"

06 The Virtual Theater Project
The Knowledge Systems Lab (KSL), Stanford University

Enero 19, 2005 Jueves
Final Paper due
Entrega opcional (sólo para subir nota) del folio FirstPaper.html impreso como entrega del trabajo IV.

Bibliografía e indice temático
I. Por Autores
II.  Electronic text archives and plays online

Plays online (listed by author)

III. Internet, VR and Theatre
VII. Other arts ( paintings, opera, TV, movies, etc.)

IX. Essays and other materials (used in the classroom)

Please do NOT send papers or homework to this e-mail address.
Horario de atención a alumnos:
Martes de 11:00 a 13:00 y Martes y Jueves de 16:00 a 18:00 horas,  en la Facultat de Filología 6º piso, despacho 074.
Para horarios alternativos de atención llama al  96 386 4677.

Grupo A horarios de clase.
Martes 10:00 - 11:00; Jueves 10:00 - 12:00 en FacFil aula 403.

Grupo B horarios de clase.
Martes 18:00 - 19:00; Jueves 18:00 - 20:00 en FacFil aula 403. 
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