Academic Programme

Wednesday, 18 April

16:00 - 19:00 (Palau de la Música)


Congress documentation and lunch vouchers, tickets for theatre performances and film festival sessions. Due to catering service requirements all participants will have to book in advance (on registration) all lunches to be taken at the Facultat de Filología.

19:00 - 21:00 (Palau de la Música)

Opening Ceremonies

of the

Seventh World Shakespeare Congres


Stanley Wells (Shakespeare Birthplace Trust)

Ann Jennalie Cook (Vanderbilt University)

Jill Levenson (Trinity College, University of Toronto)

Cándido Pérez Gállego (University of Madrid, Complutense)

Manuel Conejero Dionís-Bayer (University of Valencia)

Vicente Forés López (University of Valencia)

Consuelo Ciscar Casabán
(Generalitat Valenciana, Subsecretaria de Promoció Cultural)

Executive Secretary:

Susan Brock (Shakespeare Birthplace Trust)

and presentation of:


by Berta Riaza, Manuel Conejero Dionís-Bayer,

Pablo Menasanch, Susana Cespedes, Luis Felipe Serrano (cello) and student actors.


Thursday 19 April

Plenary Session I: (Palau de la Música)

Jonathan Bate (University of Liverpool), Shakespeare’s Islands

Chair: Chee Seng Lim (University of Malaya).

Coffee break — Buses leave for the Facultad de Filología and Excursions.

12.00 - 14.00
Short papers Session I (Facultad de Filología)

These groups run simultaneously

A. Chair: Hugh Macrae Richmond (University of California, Berkeley)

Charles Davis (Valencia), The First Permanent Playhouse in Madrid: El Corral de la Cruz (1579)

John J. Allen (University of Kentucky), Staging Shakespeare and Calderón: Comparison and Contrast

M. Teresa Ferrer Valls (University of Valencia), Actors and Theatrical Documentation in 16th and 17th Century Spain: Development of a Database

B. Confusing Venice.

Chair: Jean-Marie Maguin (Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier)

J. Leeds Barroll (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), Shakespeare and the Turk: Rewriting History in Othello

Philippa Berry (King’s College, Cambridge) Hybridising Sheep with Ships: Commercial and Cultural Trading in The Merchant of Venice

Gustav Ungerer (University of Berne), The Prince of Morocco’s Choice of the Golden Casket: An Allegory of the Political and Cultural Rapprochement between Elizabethan England and Morocco

C. Chair: Niels B. Hansen (University of Copenhagen)

Gary Taylor (University of Alabama), Shakespeare’s Mediterranean Measure for Measure

Jesús Tronch (University of Valencia), Play-text Reporters and ‘Memoriones’: Suspect Texts in Shakespeare and Spanish Golden Age Drama

Richard Wilson (University of Lancaster), ‘Every Third Thought’: Shakespeare’s Milan

Book presentations (Facultad de Filología):

Cándido Pérez Gállego

"Textual Harrassment" at the UV Press.

Room 204

Philip Crispin translator of

" A Tempest"  by Aimé Césaire at Oberon Books

Room 203

A& C Black Ltd

Room 202

Princeton University Press

Room 202

University of Chicago Press

Room 202

Yale University Press

Room 202

17.00 - 19.00
Seminars Session I (Facultad de Filología):

These seminars run concurrently.

1.1. Shakespeare's Mediterranean Plays and Renaissance Travel Writing


Philip Edwards (University of Liverpool) and Mary Fuller (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Edmund Campos (Trinity College, Hartford)

Herschel Johnson (Seinan Gakuin University)

John W. Mahon (Iona College, New Rochelle, NY)

Vassiliki Markidou (Independent Scholar, Greece)

Beate Neumeier (University of Cologne)

Camille Wells Slights (University of Saskatchewan)

1.2. Shakespeare and the Graeco-Roman World.


Supriya Chaudhuri (Jadavpur University) and Coppélia Kahn (Brown University)


Rita Banerjee (University of Delhi)

Silvana Carotenuto (University of Salerno)

Sarbani Chaudhury (University of Kalyani)

Alice Clark (University of Nantes)

Naomi Conn Liebler (Montclair State College)

Christy Desmet (University of Georgia)

Roberto Ferreira da Rocha (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

Robin Headlam Wells (University of Surrey, Roehampton)

Christine Hutchins (East Carolina University)

Ann Kaegi (University of Hull)

Paulina Kewes (University of Wales)

Arthur Little (University of California at Los Angeles)

Katharine Maus (University of Virginia)

Hoshang Merchant (University of Hyderabad)

Robert S. Miola (Loyola College, Maryland)

1.3. Staging the Stranger.


Carol Chillington Rutter (University of Warwick) and Boika Sokolova (University of Sofia, Bulgaria).


Alexey Bartoshevitch (State Institute of Arts Research, Moscow)

Niels Bugge Hansen (University of Copenhagen)

Clara Calvo (University of Murcia)

Nicoleta Cinpoes (University of Warwick)

Anthony B. Dawson (University of British Columbia)

Stuart Hampton-Reeves (University of Central Lancashire)

Helen Ostovich (McMaster University)

Sue Tweg (Monash University)

Tony Voss (University of Natal)

1.4. Shakespeare and the Romantic Ideal of Italy.


Michele Marrapodi, (University of Palermo) and Murray Levith, (Skidmore College)


Frances Barasch (New York)

Necla Cikigil (Middle East Technical University)

Michael J. Redmond (University of Palermo)

Nina da Vinci Nichols (New York)

Susanne Wofford (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

1.5. ‘...I other accents borrow/ That can my speech diffuse’: Accents, Pronunciation and Dialects on the Shakespearian Stage.


Charles Edelman (Edith Cowan University) and Andrew Gurr (University of Reading);

Respondent: Peter Holland (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham)


Alison Findlay (Lancaster University)

Richard Fotheringham (University of Queensland)

Brian Gibbons (University of Münster)

Rosalind King, (Queen Mary College, University of London)

Leanore Lieblein, (McGill University)

Jeremy Lopez (Cornell University)

Patricia Parker (Stanford University)

James R. Siemon (Boston University)

Lingui Yang (Texas A & M University)

1.6. Shakespeare from the 21st-century Left; Or, Material Shakespeare for the New Millennium.


John Drakakis (Stirling University, Scotland) and Hugh Grady (Beaver College, Pennsylvania)


Denise Albanese (George Mason University)

Barbara Correll (Cornell University)

Mustapha Fahmi (University of Quebec, Chicoutimi)

Evelyn Gajowski (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

Edward Gieskes (University of South Carolina)

Kim Hall (Georgetown University)

Terence Hawkes (Cardiff University)

Don Hedrick (Kansas State University)

Robert Weimann (University of California, Irvine)

1.7. Shakespeare and Sonnets: The English Form and the European Tradition.


Mario Domenichelli (University of Florence) and Katherine Duncan-Jones (Somerville College, Oxford)


Douglas Brooks (Texas A&M Univerity)

William Hamlin (Idaho State University)

Sharon O'Dair (University of Alabama)

Brandie R. Siegfried (Brigham Young University)

Rafael Vélez Núñez (Universidad de Cádiz, Spain)

1.8. A Boundless Sea: Shakespeare’s Mediterranean on Film.


José Ramón Díaz Fernández (University of Malaga) and Peter Donaldson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Iska Alter (Hofstra University/ University of Hong Kong)

Ann Jennalie Cook (Vanderbilt University)

Herbert R. Coursen (University of Maine)

Samuel Crowl (Ohio University)

Anthony Davies (Independent Scholar)

Kathy Howlett (Northeastern University)

Hyon-U Lee (Soonchunhyang University)

Patricia Lennox (Graduate Center, City University of New York)

Yukiko Mori (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

Martha P. Nochimson (Mercy College)

Sharon O'Dair (University of Alabama)

Daryl Palmer (University of Akron)

Kenneth S. Rothwell (University of Vermont)

Hanna Scolnicov (Tel-Aviv University)

Kay H. Smith (Appalachian State University)

Gulsen Teker (Dogus University)

Bob White (University of Western Australia)

Robert F. Willson, Jr. (University of Missouri, Kansas City)

See Social and Cultural Programme


Friday 20 April

9:30 - 10:30
Plenary Session II: (Palau de la Música)

Robert Ellrodt (Sorbonne-Nouvelle), Self-consistency in Montaigne and Shakespeare.

Chair: Cándido Pérez Gállego (University of Madrid, Complutense)

Coffee break — Buses leave for the Facultad de Filologia and Excursions.

12.00 - 14.00
Short papers Session II (Facultad de Filología):

These groups run simultaneously.

A. Shakespeare and Mediterranean Bodies: Three Approaches

Chair: Gail Kern Paster (George Washington University)

Carol Thomas Neely (University of Illinois, Urbana), Mediterranean Bodies in Shakespeare and Medical Discourse

Keir Elam (University of Florence), ‘Vail your stomachs’: Self-Restraint in Fruitful Lombardy

Jonathan Sawday (University of Strathclyde), Organising the Body/Organising Knowledge: Shakespeare and Others

B. Globalising Shakespeare.

Chair: Gabriel Egan (Globe Education, Shakespeare’s Globe)

Michael Best (University of Victoria), Dot Shakespeare: ‘This [Electronic] O’

John Gillies (University of Essex) and Ruru Li (University of Leeds), Performing Shakespeare in China, 1980-1990: A Multimedia Project

Patrick Spottiswoode (Shakespeare’s Globe, Globe Education), Globe Links: Prattle and Practice

C. Elizabethan Theatres and Corrales de Comedias: Origins and Evolution
Chair: John J. Allen (University of Kentucky)

Hugh Macrae Richmond (University of California, Berkeley), Shakespeare’s Restored Globe Theatre as Research Instrument

Miguel Angel Coso Marin and Juan Sanz Ballesteros,  The AntiguoTeatro Cervantes in Alcalá de Henares: From Corral de Comedias toCinema

Open discussion.

Book presentations (Facultad de Filología)

Terry Hawkes

Room 204

Book presentations (Facultad de Filología)

Shakespeare et la voix
Actes de colloque 1999
de la Société Française Shakespeare

by Jean-Marie Maguin (president of the S.F.S.)
Room 203

Palgrave Publishers
Macmillan's global academic publishing
Room 201

Poor Yorick
Room 204

Associated University Press
Room 202

Eurospan Group
Room 202

17.00 - 19.00
Seminars Session II (Facultad de Filología)

These seminars run concurrently.

2.1. Shakespeare and Opera in the Mediterranean Milieu: Rewriting Texts, Staging Polyphonies, and Acting the Music.


Marga Munkelt (University of Muenster) and Giovanna Silvani (University of Parma)


Marco Capra (University of Parma)

Sheila Cavanagh (Emory University)

David Lindley (University of Leeds),

Giorgio Melchiori (University of Rome)

Elena Sala Di Felice (University of Cagliari),

Romana Zacchi (University of Bologna)

2.2. Moving around the Mediterranean in the Plays of Shakespeare
and his Contemporaries.


Anthony Parr (University of the Western Cape) and Chong Zhang (Nanjing University)


Joan Fitzpatrick (University College Northampton)

Jeanie Grant Moore (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh)

Joan Larsen Klein (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Genevieve Love (Cornell University)

Jim Lusardi (Lafayette College)

Richard Nochimson (Yeshiva University, New York)

Kevin Pask (Concordia University)

June Schlueter (Lafayette College)

Anne M. Tanaka (University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign)

Marilyn Williamson (Wayne State University)

Eric Wilson (Washington and Lee University, Lexington)

2.3. Messengers and Communication in Shakespearian and Renaissance Drama.


Lloyd Davis (University of Queensland) and Michael Dobson (University of Surrey, Roehampton);


Philippa Kelly (Australian Defence Force Academy)


Derek Cohen (York University)

Manfred Draudt (University of Vienna)

Gabriel Egan (Globe Education, Shakespeare's Globe)

Corinna Evett (California State University Fullerton)

Maria Amelia Fraga (University of Santiago)

Linda Gregerson (University of Michigan)

Elina Huhtikangas (University of Helsinki)

David Linton (Marymount Manhattan College)

Richard Madelaine (University of New South Wales)

Ninian Mellamphy (University of Western Ontario)

Barbara Traister (Lehigh University)

2.4. Shakespeare in Non-Anglophone Countries.


Sukanta Chaudhuri (Jadavpur University) and Chee Seng Lim (University of Malaya)


Etsuko Fukahori (Kwassui Women's College)

Margarida Gandara Rauen (Faculdade de Artes do Parana)

Keith Gregor (University of Murcia)

Lawrence Guntner (Technische Universität Braunschweig)

Younglim Han (Chungween University)

Kumiko Hilberdink-Sakamoto (Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Administration)

Alexander Huang (Stanford University)

Dennis Kennedy (Trinity College, Dublin)

Shen Lin (Central Academy of Drama, Beijing)

Shormishtha Panja (University of Delhi, India)

Emil Sirbulescu (University of Craiova, Romania)

Harish Trivedi (University of Delhi, India)

Li Lan Yong (National University of Singapore)

2.5. ‘Here I am...yet cannot hold this visible shape’: Early Modern Man.


Bruce Smith (Georgetown University) and Martin Orkin (University of Haifa);


Avraham Oz (Universities of Haifa and Tel Aviv)


Douglas A. Brooks (Texas A&M University)

Maurizio Calbi (Universita degli Studi di Salerno)

Casey Charles (University of Montana)

Charles R Forker (Indiana University)

Barbara Fuchs (University of Washington)

Judith Haber (Tufts University)

Ursula Hehl (Gladbach)

Andreas Hoefele (University of Heidelberg)

Richard Levin (University of California, Davis)

Simon Palfrey (University of Liverpool)

Jennifer Panek (University of Massachusetts)

Phyllis Rackin (University of Pennsylvania)

Craig Rustici (Hofstra University)

Alan Sinfield (Sussex University)

Ian Smith (Lafayette College)

James Stone (American University in Cairo)

Suzanne Trill ( Edinburgh University)

Jacqueline Vanhoutte (University of North Texas)

Jennifer Vaught (Northern Michigan University)

2.6. Shakespeare's Nineteenth-century Performers.


Gail Marshall (University of Leeds ) and Mariangela Tempera (University of Ferrara)


Nicholas Clary (St Michael's College)

Patricia Kennan (Universita Milano-Bicocca)

Krystyna Kujawinska-Courtney (University of Lodz)

Lisa Merrill (Hofstra University)

Adrian Poole (Trinity College, Cambridge)

Robert Sawyer (University of Georgia)

Isabelle Schwartz-Gastine (University of Caen)

2.7. Theory and Methodology in Authorship/Attribution Studies.


Jonathan Hope (Middlesex University ) and David Kathman (Chicago)


Jayson Brown (MacMaster University)

Charles Cathcart (Independent Scholar)

Marcus Dahl (University of Bristol)

Kate McLuskie (University of Southampton)

Gordon McMullan (King's College London)

Lucy Munro (King's College London)

Lene Petersen (University of Bristol)

Richard Proudfoot (King's College London)

Rebecca Rogers (University of Southampton)

2.8. Creative and Critical Appropriations of Shakespeare.


Sonia Massai (St Mary's, Strawberry Hill, University of Surrey) and Barbara Sebek (Colorado State University)


Linda Burnett (St Mary's University, Nova Scotia)

Walter W. Cannon (Central College, Iowa)

Aimara da Cunha Resende (University of the State of Minas Gerais)

Patty Derrick (University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown)

Suzanne Gossett (Loyola University)

Michael Anthony Ingham (Lingnan University, Hong Kong)

Maria Jones (University of Wolverhampton)

Elizabeth Klein (University of Illinois Urbana - Champain)

Kaori Kobayashi (Doho University)

Ruru Li (University of Leeds)

Zoltan Markus (New York University)

Clare McManus (Queen's University, Belfast)

Michael Shapiro (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Frances A. Shirley (Wheaton College, Massachusetts)

Brandie R. Siegfried (Brigham Young University)

Christel Stalpaert (University of Ghent)

Poonam Trivedi (University of Dehli)

Ramona Wray (Queen's University, Belfast)

See Social and Cultural Programme


Saturday 21 April

Plenary session III: (Palau de la Música)

Marina Warner, Painted Devils and Aery Nothings: Metamorphoses and Magic Art

Chair: Jill Levenson (University of Toronto)

Coffee break — Buses leave for the Facultad de Filologia and Excursions.

12.00 - 14.00
Short papers Session III (Facultad de Filología)):

These groups run simultaneously.

A. Chair: Shen Lin (Central Academy of Drama, Beijing)

Graham Bradshaw (Chuo University), Metaferocities: Jealousy in Verdi and Shakespeare

Paola Pugliatti (University of Florence) The True History of Romeo and Juliet: A Veronese Plot of the 1830s

Purificacíon Ribes (University of Valencia), Spanish Reception of Sampson’s Linguistic and Sexual Ambiguity

B. Chair: Poonam Trivedi (University of Delhi)

Richard Burt (University of Massachusetts), Shakespeare and the Holocaust: Julie Taymor’s Titus Is Beautiful; Or, Shakesploi Meets (the) Camp

Ellen Caldwell (Clarkson University), The Mediterranean Triangle: Sex and Conquest in Antony and Cleopatra

Jean Howard (Columbia University), Gender on the Periphery

C. Chair: Yuji Kaneko (Chuo University)

Alexander Leggatt (University of Toronto), The Disappearing Wall: A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Timon of Athens

Yves Peyré (University of Toulouse?), Circe’s Metamorphoses; Or, Shakespeare’s Mediterranean Archetypes

Goran Stanivukovic (St Mary’s University, Nova Scotia), Illyria Revisited: Shakespeare and the Eastern Adriatic

World Shakespeare Bibliography business meeting.

James L. Harner presiding. Location to be announced.

16.30 Book presentations (Facultad de Filología)

Oxford University Press

Room 204

Cambridge University Press

Room 203

Ahgate Publishing

Room 202

Scholar's Choice

Room 201

17.00 - 19:00 Seminars Session III (Facultad de Filología)

These seminars run concurrently.

3.1. Staging the Boundaries of Law in Early Modern Drama: English Dramatic Presentations of Continental European Justice


B. J. Sokol (Goldsmiths College, University of London) and Barbara I. Kreps (University of Pisa)


Stephanie Chamberlain (Southeast Missouri State University)

Imtiaz Habib (Old Dominion Univerity)

Rolf Müller (Fanny Leicht Gymnasium)

Mary Polito (Univerity of Calgary)

Terry Reilly (University of Alaska Fairbanks)

3.2. Shakespeare’s Illyrias: Heterotopies, Identities, (Counter)histories.


Mladen Engelsfeld (University of Zagreb) and Martin Procházka (Charles University, Prague)


Ann Blake (La Trobe University)

Marcus Cheng Chye Tan (The National University of Singapore)

Sara Hanna (New Mexico Highlands University)

John J. Joughin (University Central Lancashire)

Yoshiko Kawachi (Kyorin University)

Robert Matijasic (University of Pula) for

Bruna Kuntic-Makvic (University of Zagreb)

Peter Milward (Tokyo)

Zdenék Stríbrny (Charles University)

3.3. Re-framing Othello: Contexts, Para-texts, and Critical New Directions.


Michael Neill (University of Auckland) and Edward Pechter (Concordia University and Victoria, BC))


Linda Anderson (Virginia Tech University)

Malvina Aparicio (Catholic University of Argentina and University of Salvador)

Crystal L. Bartolovich (Syracuse University)

Shaul Bassi (University of Venice)

Joanna Byles (University of Cyprus)

Lawrence Danson (Princeton University)

Dave Golz (University of Nevada)

Rafat Karim (University of Karachi and Shakespeare Association Pakistan)

Natasha Korda (Wesleyan University)

Thomas Moisan (St. Louis University)

Joseph A. Porter (Duke University)

Christopher Pye (Williams College)

Michael W. Shurgot (South Puget Sound Community College)

Steve Sohmer (Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA)

Mark Sokolyansky (University of Odessa)

3.4. Revenge as a Mediterranean Phenomenon Before and After Hamlet


Carla Dente (University of Pisa) and Ann Thompson (King's College, University of London)


Hardin L. Aasand (Dickinson State University)

Monica Chesnoiu ('Ovidius' Constanta University)

Susan L. Fischer (Bucknell University)

Charles A. Hallett (Fordham University, New York State)

Frederick Kiefer (University of Arizona)

Akiko Kusunoki (Tokyo Woman's Christian University)

Markus Marti (University of Basel)

Alessandra Marzola (Independent Scholar)

Steven Mullaney (University of Michigan)

Giuseppina Restivo (University of Trieste)

Ildiko Elizabeth Solti (University of Middlesex)

Neil Taylor (University of Surrey Roehampton)

Linda Woodbridge (Pennsylvania State University)

3.5. Shakespeare and Montaigne Revisited


Tom Bishop (Case Western Reserve University) and Peter Holbrook (University of Queensland); Respondent: Lars Engle (University of Tulsa)


Robert Bennett (University of Delaware)

William Hamlin (Idaho State University)

John Lee (University of Bristol)

Kathleen Lynch (Folger Shakespeare Library)

Michael Mack (Catholic University of America)

Gail Price (Independent Scholar, USA)

Chris Roark (John Carroll University)

Judith Weil (University of Manitoba)

Herb Weil (University of Manitoba)

Paul Yachnin (University of British Columbia)

3.6. Mediating the Mediterranean in the Drama of Shakespeare and his Contemporaries


Ton Hoenselaars (University of Utrecht) and Virginia Mason Vaughan (Clark University)


Rui Carvalho Homem (University of Oporto)

Raymond Gardette (University of Paris, IV (Sorbonne))

R. Chris Hassel (Vanderbilt University)

Diana E. Henderson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge)

Virginia Mason Vaughan (Clark University, Worcester)

Linda McJannet (Bentley College, Waltham)

Bindu Malieckal (Saint Anselm College, Manchester)

John McKellor Reid (University of the West of England)

Rachana Sachdev (Susquehanna University)

John D. Sanderson (University of Alicante)

Peter Womack (University of East Anglia, Norwich)

3.7. Shakespeare’s Biography.


E.A.J. Honigmann (University of Newcastle) and Lois Potter (University of Delaware )


Edward S. Brubaker (Franklin-Marshall College)

Agnes Fleck (College of St. Scholastica)

Reg Foakes (UCLA)

Park Honan (University of Leeds)

Jean-Marie Maguin (Université Paul-Valery, Montpellier)

Penny McCarthy (Glasgow University)

Charles Pastoor (Nyack College, New York)

Enno Ruge (Institut für Englische Philologie, Munich)

John Joseph Tobin (University of Massachusetts, Boston)

Bruce Young (Brigham Young University)

3.8. Editing Shakespeare's Mediterranean Plays


Jay Halio (University of Delaware) and Charles Whitworth (University Paul Valéry, Montpellier)


Peter Alscher (Mentor, Ohio)

Tom Clayton (University of Minnesota)

Yuji Kaneko (Chuo University)

William Long (New York)

Barbara Mowat (Folger Shakespeare Library)

Michael Skovmand (University of Aarhus)

Tiffany Stern (Merton College, Oxford)

Richard Weisberg (Cardozo School of Law, New York)

Meeting of the ISA Executive and Congress Committees.

Location to be announced.

See Social and Cultural Programme


Sunday 22 April

Plenary session IV: (Palau de la Música)

Stephen Orgel (Stanford University), Shylock’s Tribe

Chair: Dieter Mehl (Deutsche Shakespeare Gesellschaft)

Coffee break — Buses leave for the Facultad de Filologia and Excursions.

12.00 - 14.00
Short papers Session IV (Facultad de Filología):

These groups run simultaneously.

A. Chair: Hanna Scolnicov (University of Tel Aviv)

John Astington (University of Toronto), Elizabethanism in Verona

Helmut Bonheim (University of Cologne), Maids for All Markets?

Russell Jackson (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham), ‘We open in Venice …’: On Location inShakespeare’s Italy

B. Chair: Aimara da Cunha Resende (University of the State of Minas Gerais)

Charles Marowitz (Malibu), Shakespeare’s Outsiders

Penelope Freedman (University of Kent), The Pronouns of Propriety and Passion: ‘you’ and ‘thou’ in Shakespeare’s Italian Comedies

Daniel Vitkus (Florida State University, Tallahassee), Shakespeare and the Early Modern Mediterranean: Theatre, Commerce and English Identity

C. Chair: Suheyla Artemel (Yeditepe University)

David Schalkwyk (University of Cape Town), A ‘man right fair’ and a ‘woman coloured ill’: Petrarchism and the Pseudo-Portraits of Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Yumiko Yamada (Kobe College), Ben Jonson and Cervantes: The Influence of Huarte de San Juan on their Comic Theory

Vicente Forés López (University of Valencia), Titus Andronicus: some editorial problems in Digital Editions

D. Chair: Lali Kereselidze (Tbilisi State University)

Swapan Chakravorty (Jadavpur University), Translating Arden: Shakespeare’s Rhetorical Place in As You Like It

Paul Franssen (University of Utrecht), From Shakespeare’s Italy to Italy’s Shakespeare: Biographical Fantasies of Love and Power

Nancy Hodge (Southern Methodist University), The Trouble with Old Virgins: Elizabeth and La Serenissima

16.30 Book presentations (Facultad de Filología)

Taylor Francis (Routledge)
Room 204

Manchester University Press
Room 203

Thomson Learning
Room 202

Room 201

17:00 - 19:00
Seminars Session IV: (Facultad de Filología)

These seminars run concurrently.

4.1. Machiavelli in Shakespeare and Early Modern English Playwrights up to 1642.


Sergio Mazzarelli (Kwassui Women's College) and Martin Wiggins (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham)


N. W. Bawcutt (University of Liverpool)

John D. Cox (Hope College)

Cyndia Susan Clegg (Pepperdine University)

Neslihan Ekmekçioglu (Ankara, Turkey)

Scott Fraser (University of the West of England)

Reiko Fujita (University of Library and Information Science)

Tom McAlindon (University of Hull)

Cristina Malcolmson (Bates College)

Hisao Oshima (Kyushu Institute of Design)

Jürgen Pieters (University of Ghent)

Jill Phillips (University of Virginia)

Mihoko Suzuki (University of Miami)

Soko Tomita (Takushoku University)

4.2. Venice and English Identity in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries.


David C. McPherson (University of New Mexico) and J.R. Mulryne (University of Warwick)


Juliette Cunico (University of New Mexico)

Celia Daileader (University of Alabama)

Jason Gleckman (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Paul Harvey (Osaka University)

Maurice Hunt (Baylor University)

Fritz Levy (University of Washington)

Joseph Woolwich (Independent Scholar, UK)

4.3. Shakespeare and the Mediterranean: The ‘Non-European’ Edge.


Emily Bartels (Rutgers University) and Bulent Bozkurt (Bilkent University)


Randall Martin (University of New Brunswick)

Shankar Raman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Alan Rosen (Bar-Ilan University)

Jyotsna G. Singh (Michigan State University)

4.4. Shakespeare's Narrative Poems


Christa Jansohn (University of Bamberg) and Georgianna Ziegler (Folger Shakespeare Library)


Anderson Judith (Indiana University)

Clara Calvo (University of Murcia)

Hugh Craig (University of Newscastle, NSW)

Kate Green (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham)

Dieter Mehl (Deutsche Shakespeare gesellschaft)

Madalina Nicolaescu (University of Bucharest)

John Roe (University of York)

John Velz (University of Texas at Austin)

4.5. Spain and Early Modern Drama.


Janet Clare (University College Dublin) and Hiroshi Ozawa (Kwansei Gakuin University)


Velma Bourgeios Richmond, (Holy Names College)

Ed Esche (Anglia Polytechnic University)

Sandra Clark, (Birkbeck College, University of London)

Ivan Canadas, (University of Sydney)

José Manuel González (University of Alicante)

Anita Howard (University College Cork)

Susana Marchetti (Instituto Superior del Profesorado Dr. Joaquín V. González)

Constance Rose (Northeastern University)


Leaders: Susan Bennett (University of Calgary) and Christie Carson (Royal Holloway College, University of London)


Susan Brock (Shakespeare Birthplace Trust)

Elizabeth Hageman (University of New Hampshire)

James L. Harner (Texas, A&M University)

Barbara Mathieson (Southern Oregon University)

Jim Shaw (Shakespeare Institute Library)

Alan Somerset (University of Western Ontario)

Mary Steible (Southern Illinois University)

Fran Teague (University of Georgia)

Alan Young (Acadia University)

4.7. Commedia dell'arte and the Performance of Shakespeare.


Andrew Grewar (University of Fort Hare) and Stephen Hazell (Nanyang Technological University)

Melissa Aaron (California Polytechnic State University)

Gian Giacomo Colli (University of Toronto)

Rob Conkie (King Alfred's College, Winchester)

Luke Dixon (Theatre Nomad)

Ronald Hall (Rhodes University)

Clarissa Hurley (University of Toronto)

Hilde Slinger (Shakespeare Society of Southern Africa)

See Social and Cultural Programme


Monday 23 April

ISA General Meeting (Palau de la Música)

Procession of Feast of San Vicente

Plenary session V: (Palau de la Música)

Michael Coveney (London),

John Gielgud, Tradition, Magic, and Continuity in the Modern Shakespearian Theatre

Chair: Tetsuo Kishi (Shakespeare Society of Japan)

Congress luncheon and Close

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