Tree Tracker
detecting overrepresented clusters in a hierarchical tree

download Perl script HERE


perl treeTracker.plx -argument 1 value1 -argument2 value2 ...

treetracker(default), megatre, newick
Name of the tree file. Default: tree.txt
Name of the gene list file. Default: trues.txt
Name of the output file. Default: PValues.txt
Number of simulations. Default: 1000
Cutoff significance value. Default: 0.05

Citing Tree Tracker:

Marco, A and Marín, I (2007) A general strategy to determine the congruence between a hierarchical and a non-hierarchical classification. BMC Bioinformatics 8:442 [PubMed].

A more detailed manual is under preparation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about the use of the program.

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