JosŽ Antonio Manzanares Andreu

Catedr‡tico de Universidad de F’sica Aplicada

Professor of Applied Physics

Department of Thermodynamics.
University of Valencia
c/Dr. Moliner, 50.  E-46100 Burjasot. SPAIN
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ResearchID M-3918-2014

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Recursos docentes para el Laboratorio de Termodin‡mica

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Research Fields: Thermodynamics, Materials science, Membrane electrochemistry


Theoretical studies on:

Ion Transport in Membranes and Electrolyte Solutions

Interfaces between Two Immiscible Electrolyte Solutions

Bioelectricity, Biological Ion Channels and Synthetic Nanopores

Thermoelectric Phenomena



Grupo de Investigaci—n de Excelencia en
F’sica de los Procesos de Transporte


financiado por el Programa PROMETEO de la GV

Descripci—n: royectos PROMETEO     


Grupo inscrito en el Registro de Estructuras de Investigaci—n de la Universitat de ValŹncia – REIUV

GIUV2013-057, F’sica estad’stica y termodin‡mica de los procesos de transporte (FET-TRANS), Director: Prof. S. MafŽ

Official website of the book


Ionic Transport Processes

in Electrochemistry and Membrane Science

by K. Kontturi, L. MurtomŠki and J.A. Manzanares

Available as Hardback (2008), Paperback (Second reprint 2014), and Ebook from Oxford University Press

and Oxford Scholarship Online


The middle page contains a PROMO code.

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SOLUTIONS MANUAL available for instructors


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