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Dr. Marival Bermejo finished her Pharmacy studies in 1988 and her PhD. degree in 1992 with a grant from Spanish Ministry of Education. After her graduation, her research was focused on the study of the influence of natural and synthetic surfactants on drug absorption. She worked as Assistant Professor in the University of Valencia from 1993 to 1998 and as Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics since then. Her scientific interest now is centered on drug gastrointestinal absorption and the prediction of oral bioavailability with animal and in vitro models. She is also interested in the study of the influence of membrane efflux transporters in drug ADME properties and in the development of cancer resistance to chemotherapy. Marival is co-author with Prof. Gordon Amidon (University of Michigan) of Modern Biopharmaceutics (a cd-rom based teaching tool). She is member of the board of directors of the Drug Delivery Foundation.Prof. Bermejo is member of SEFIG (Spanish Society of Industrial Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics) and EUFEPS.

She has participate actively since her incorporation in the research projects developed by the research group on oral absorption collaborating in the implementation of surgical, experimental and analytical methodologies and in the mathematical modelling of results.

This research group comes from a bigger one formed by Prof. Pla Delfina after his incorporation to our Department in 1981. Since then, the group has focused on pre-clinical drug absorption studies. The team has acquired great expertise on in situ and in vivo animal studies with more than 30 research papers on international journals and has shown a fruitful teaching capacity through more than 20 Ph.D. thesis and dissertations during the last ten years. Now we are centered on studying in vitro models to predict drug absorption and membrane transport. We are interested in the validation of these models as tools for bioavailability predictions in humans and in their molecular characterization to go deeply into the mechanism of membrane transport. The group is interested in establishing collaborative research projects with other groups and pharmaceutical companies involved in drug development.

As a group from a Pharmaceutics Department we offer not only experience in pharmacokinetics an biopharmaceutics but also in all the technological aspects of drug formulation and manufacturing.