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Antifascist Web


Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
Human Rights in Latin America (Equipo Nizkor)
The Casserole strike of the argentine people
Association Mothers of May Place of Argentina
Missing Project (Argentina)
Political prisoners of Argentina
Free (ex-political prisoners of the argentine military dictatorship)
Free Home Current (Argentina)
Democratic Socialist Party (Argentina)
Socialist Alliance (Australia)
MAS (Bolivia)
MST of Brazil
Chicano National March
FPMR of Chile
MPMR of Chile
Political prisoners of Chile
Chilens and mapuches political prisoners
Org.of Popular Defense (Chile)
Marginality (Chile)
China today
FARC-EP of Colombia
ELN of Colombia
Bolivarian Movement for the New Colombia
Comox Valley Action Network
Solidary Center-american Coordinating committee (Costa Rica)
Cuba Solidarity Web Site
Page of the People of Ecuador
Farmers of Ecuador
Forum in Solidarity with Equatorial Guinea
FMLN of El Salvador
Free East Timor
FRETILIN (East Timor)
URNG of Guatemala
Hawai`I Independent & Sovereig
National Resistance Front against the Coup d'Etat in Honduras
Everybody with Honduras
All India Peoples Resistance Forum
Journal de Bagdad
Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc)
Ta'ayush (Arab-Jewish Partnership)
South Korea
North Korea
Déi Lénk - La Gauche (Luxembourg)
SUARAM, Struggling for Human Rights in Malaysia
APPO, Folk Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca
FZLN of Mexico
EZLN of Mexico
PDPR-EPR of Mexico
UNAM's Strike General Council, Mexico
FSLN of Nicaragua
Ogoni Freedom Campaign (Nigeria)
Democratic Front of Liberation of Palestine
Palestine (september 2000...)
Zajel (Palestine Information Unit)
Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Apartheid Blog (Palestina)
Pakistan Trade Unions Defence Campaign
Paraguay: for the restoration of democracy
MRTA of Peru
MNI, New Left Movement (Perú)
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Political prisoners of Puerto Rico
Vieques live (Puerto Rico)
FS, Socialist Front (Puerto Rico)
Intifada at Sahara
Solidarity with Sahara
Free Sahara
Sandblast (voices and visions from Western Sahara)
Soviet People
La Juventud, Frenteamplista and Popular Daily of Uruguay
MLN-Tupamaros (Uruguay)
Not in our name (USA)
Communist Communication Net of Venezuela (REDECCOMI)
Boliv@rian Net (Venezuela)
antiescuá (Venezuela)
Solidarity Congress For the re-election of president Hugo Chávez Frías


30 aniversary of the Che's assassination
Arxive of Marx and Engels
Honecker Committee of Internacionalist Solidarity
Marxist Encyclopaedia
World History Archives
Leftist and Progressive Resources
Library of Socialist Authors
The International Brigades
Anti-Imperialist Forum (Germany)
The Lenin Museus in Finland
Cyberspace Independence Dec.
The Year 2000 Computer Problem: a Marxist standpoint
Institute of Communist Studies Karl Marx - Friedrich Engels
Center of Historical Documentation "Pietro Secchia"
Revolutionary Songs
Marxism-Leninism Today
The Communist Manifest in cartoons

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