4th European Congress on Systems Science
Valencia-Ibiza, Spain, 20-24 Set. 1999

Under the support of U.E.S.

Chairman: Lorenzo Ferrer-Figueras (Sociedad Española de Sistemas Generales)

Secretary: Carmen Guerrero

Fundació Cinc Segles de la Universitat de València
Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo
Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Valencia
Consellería de Medio Ambiente de la G.V.
Generalitat Valenciana
A.F.S.C.E.T. (Association Francaise de Science des Systemes Cybernetiques Cognitifs et Techniques).
A.I.R.S.-Associazione Italiana per la Riceca sui Sistemi.
Directorate General for Science,.Research and Development.
E.CO.N.A.Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca sull'Elaborazione Cognitiva nei Sistemi Naturali e Artificiali.
Fondazione Barberini e Centoni per la Correlazione.
O.P.P.I. Organizzacione per la Preparazione Professionale degli Insegnanti.
TREND S.p.n.
U.E.S.(Union Europeenne de Systémique).
W.O.S.C. (World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics).

Honorary Patrons Committee
S.Beer (UK), A.Bensoussan (F), G.Klir (USA), N.Krasovsky (CIS), E.Lazlo (Y) J.Lesourne (F), E.Morin (F),  I.Prigocine, Nobel Prize (B), C.Rubbia, Nobel Prize (Y) F. Varela (F), H.A. Simon, Nobel Prize (USA), H.von Foerster (USA)

Program Committee
E. Andreewsky (F), J. Aracil (E), P. Auger (F), F. Bailly (F), J.-P. Bois (F), E.Bernard.Weil (F), B.Bouchon.M. (F), D.Bourcier (F), P.Bourgine (F), A.Caselles(E), A. de la Cebosa (E), G.Chauvet (F), M.Decleris (Gr), G.Deffuant (F), J.Diamessis (Gr), L.K. Ellis (UK), L.Ferrez-Figueras (E), J.Fuerxer (F), J. H.Haken (D), M.Jackson (UK), M.Karsky (F), G.Y.Kerven (F), F.Le Gallou (F), J.L.Le Moigne (F), L.Lofgren (S), J.Lorigny (F), P. Marchand (F), L.Mehl (F), J.Miermont (F), G.Minati (I), M.Mugur-Sch. (F), S.Munari (CH), A.Nicole (F), E.Nuñez (F), M.Olivetti-B. (I), M.Orillard (F), N.Paritisis (Gr), F.Parra-Luna (E), B.Paulre (F), R.Pla (E), M.P.Penna (Y), P.Y.Raccah (F), J.Ramaekers (B), F.Rastier (F), G.Resconi (Y), B.H.Rudall (UK), L.Saint-Paul (F), E.Schwartz (Ch), R.Serra (Y), J.C.Tabary (F), G.Theraulaz (F), I.Vajda (CZ), C.Touzet (F), R.Vallée (F), C.de la Torre (E), R.Rodriguez de Cora (E), J.L.Vullierme (F), B.Walliser (F)

Organizing Committee
R. Beneyto, A. Caselles, L. Ferrer, R. Hernández, C. Lahiguera, I. Martinez de Lejarza, R. Pla, V. Rossi

Registration fee

Pts. 36000 Before 10th  June 1999

Pts. 42000 After 10th  June 1999

The Conference Fee includes participation in CES-4, coffee-breaks, the Proceedings (with ISBN, available at the Meeting), attendance to official receptions, and transportation by boat to and from Ibiza island. Please send cheque to "Sociedad Española de Sistemas Generales" or money order to account: SWIFT-CVALESVV-2077-0063-5-3102023087 (free of charge for beneficiary).

The international support, provided through the Systems Science European Union (UES), to the European Congress on Systems Science held in Lausanne (1989), Prague (1993), and Rome (1996), and to the European School of Systems held in Crete (1990), Strasbourg (1992), Valencia (1994), Hull (1996) and Neuchatel (1998), will be provided to the Fourth European Congress of Systems Science in Valencia.

A number of Symposia will be arranged and we are greatful to coleagues who have undertaken the task of preparing these events. As on the earlier occasions, eminent speakers as Ilya Prigogine of international reputation will present their latest research results in the framework of daily plenary sessions.

Some already scheduled or suggested SYMPOSIA:

A General Systems Theory and Methodology

B Complexity, chaos and order

C Mathematical Systems Theory

D Social Systems

E Ethical, political and juridical systems

F Uncertainty

G Living Systems and Environmental S.

H Artificial Neural Networks

I Cognition and Artificial Intelligence

J Data Mining

K Cybernetics and Autonomous Systems

L Systems in Management

M Information and Communication

N Sustenable Development

O The European City of the Future

P Competitivity and quality


Acceptance of contributions will be determined on the basis of Draft Final Papers. Each paper must explain clearly

- what problem it is trying to address,

- what has been tried before and why it isn't good enough,

- what you are doing and why it is better,

- some proof that your method is sound (or reference to it),

- how it will help others / apply to other problems,

- some results / proof it works.

Draft Final Papers must not exceed 10 single-spaced A4 pages (maximum 43 lines, max. line length 160 mm, 12 point) in English or French. They have to contain the final text to be submitted, including graphs and pictures. However, these need not be of reproducible quality. They must carry the title, author(s) name(s), and affiliation (incl. email address if possible) in this order and must include an abstract. Please specify the symposium in which you would like to present your paper (only one). Please send four hard copies of the Draft Final Paper to the Conference Secretariat (not to symposia chairpersons, and not by fax or e-mail).


NOTIFICATIONS OF ACCEPTANCE/REJECTION. Authors will be notified about acceptance or rejection no later than 15 May 1999. Successful authors will be provided by the Conference Secretariat, at the same time, with the instructions for the preparation of the final paper (also available in http://www.uv.es/~pla/SESGE/ces.4).

FINAL PAPER. The final paper will be due at the Conference Secretariat by 30 May 1999. Acceptance of the final paper will be based on the compliance with the reviewers' comments.

PRESENTATION. It is assumed that each accepted paper is presented personally at the Meeting by one of its authors.

HOTEL ACCOMODATIONS. It will be handled by CAVALTOUR, calle Jesús, 81, entlo., 46007 Valencia (Spain). Phone: 34-96-3982703, Fax: 34-96-3806806. More datails will be sent to those returning the attached registration form.

INSURANCE: The conference organizers can accept no liability for personal injuries, or for loss or damage to property belonging to conference participants, either during or as a result of the conference. Please check the validity of your personal insurance.


European Systems Science Union



Valencia - Ibiza, España
Set. 20-24, 1999

Universidad Internacional Menendez y Pelayo
Palacio de Pineda. Plaza del Carmen, 4
Valencia (España)

Sociedad Española de Sistemas Generales
Escuela de Investigación Operativa
Av. Blasco Ibañez, 13.
46010 Valencia (Spain)

Phone: 34-6-3864269 Fax: 34-6-3864268
Email: Lorenzo.Ferrer@uv.es
URL: http://www.uv.es/~pla/SESGE/