SACAR / The Salmon Arm Coalition Against Racism is under legal attack by the anti-Semitic, white racist organization called the Council On Public Affairs. SACAR's director, David Lethbridge, is being sued by Eileen Pressler, founder and leader of the Council On Public Affairs, on the absurd grounds that she and her organization have been libelled. For over five years, Lethbridge has been investigating and exposing the activities of the extreme-right in Canada. He has worked solidly against well-known neo-Nazis, the Klan, Aryan Nations, and other expressions of organized racism. He has spoken in high schools and colleges, and at the meetings of learned societies. He has helped set up and train community-based anti-racist organizations in Chilliwack, Kelowna, Kamloops, Nelson, and Creston. He has written over 50 publications detailing the results of his investigations. The Pressler lawsuit is an obvious attempt to muzzle SACAR and Lethbridge, and to intimidate the community. Should Pressler win, a legal precedent will be established permitting organized racists across the country to sue their opposition for "libel" and "slander." Pressler's lawyer, Doug Christie, is well-versed in the tactics of legal intimidation. We must not permit Pressler and Christie to win this case! The Pressler-Lethbridge trial is slated for this November. Estimated legal costs have mounted to over $200,000. To make matters worse, if $50,000 isnot raised by the end of October, Lethbridge's lawyer will withdraw from the case. Should this happen, Lethbridge will have no legal representation in this important trial. The situation is desperate. We must raise the funds immediately. David Lethbridge has fought the extreme-right with honor and principle for five years, and at considerable personal risk and personal cost. We beg you now to help Lethbridge in this struggle against our common enemies by sending a generous donation. Please send a cheque today to SACAR DEFENCE, 1481 Okanagan Avenue, Salmon Arm, BC, V1E 1N5. And please, forward this appeal to individuals, organizations, and networks in whom you can trust. ------------------ (some information on the Council On Public Affairs follows....) THE COUNCIL ON PUBLIC AFFAIRS: BRIEF NOTES Founder and Leader: Eileen Pressler - Prior to creating the Council on Public Affairs, Pressler distributed the "Protocols For World Conquest" at a meeting of the BC Free Speech League. This document alleges an international Jewish conspiracy for global domination. Periodical: Council on Public Affairs Digest - Monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) publication since the mid-1980s. Circulation is 12,000 internationally. Largely reprints anti-Semitic, white racist, and Holocaust materials. Also raises funds for noted racists, and advertises for related organizations. Editorial Board: - Eileen Pressler, Leonard Saunders (now deceased), and Eustace Mullins. Mullins is the author of "Adolf Hitler: An Appreciation," and dozens of other anti-Semitic and pro-fascist books and articles. He has been a contributing editor to James K. Warner's "Christian Vanguard." Warner was an officer of the American Nazi Party. Mullins is currently a popular speaker on the paramilitary militia circuit. Examples of Books Sold through the Council on Public Affairs: - "Vigilantes of Christendom." This book by Richard Kelly Hoskins praises the Ku Klux Klan, Hitler's SS, and the white racist terrorist organization, "The Order." Hoskins is a leader in the Christian Identity movement. Identity asserts that only white people are favored by God, people of color are sub-human, and that Jews are non-human and Satanic in origin. - "Auschwitz." This book by Wilhelm Staeglich is a classic of Holocaust-denial literature. It's author was stripped of his university degrees as a result of its publication. - "New History of the Jews." This book by Eustace Mullins claims that Jewish priests kidnap little white boys, strip them naked, chain them to altars, and drink their blood. The Council sells about one dozen of Mullins' titles. - "The Leuchter Report." This book by Fred Leuchter was commissioned by neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel. It falsely claims that there is no evidence for the use of poison gas by the Nazis at Auschwitz and other death camps. Leadership 91: This was a major conference held in Calgary by Pressler and her organization. Speakers included Ernst Zundel, Eustace Mullins, James Keegstra, Malcolm Ross, and Bo Gritz. Gritz is an important militia organizer and was vice-presidential running mate for David Duke (of the KKK) on the Populist Party ticket. Leadership 92: This second conference, held in Penticton, BC, had the largest roster of right-wing extremist speakers ever held in Canada. Speakers included: - David Irving, Holocaust-denial writer, connected to British fascists. - Fred Leuchter, author of the Leuchter Report - James Keegstra,anti-Semitic and white racist teacher - Malcolm Ross, anti-Semite teacher and writer - Doug Christie, lawyer for KKK, neo-Nazis, and fascists - Jud Cyllorn, white racist writer and propagandist - Murray Gauvreau, distributor of Identity and militia material - Everett Sileven, Identity pastor and teacher - Paul Cameron, anti-homosexual propagandist - Eustace Mullins, Eileen Pressler, and several others. Examples of other meetings sponsored by the Council on Public Affairs - Eustace Mullins, Murray Gauvreau, Doug Christie, David Irving - Canadian League of Rights. The CLR is Canada's largest anti-Semitic organization. Examples of meetings attended by Eileen Pressler: - Canadian League of Rights - Canadian Free Speech League (a Doug Christie organization) - Canadian Association for Free Expression. This organization is run by Paul Fromm who has spoken at white racist and neo-Nazi meetings in Canada and the US. - First International Conference of Covenant Congregations. This was a major Identity meeting in Branson, Missouri. There were seven speakers: Eileen Pressler, and the six most important US Identity leaders, one of whom was Pete Peters. On stage, at the second conference, Peters lifted the arms of each one of his infant grandchildren in the fascist salute. He then took a yalmulke out of his pocket, wiped the seat of his pants with it, spat on it, and threw it on the floor.