DEFEND IRAQ!!! Red Cabbage num 30, 18-11-97 Journal of the Generic Trotskyist League
Unfortunately we have had trouble getting out Red Cabbage. In the meantime, the insane war provocations of the U.S. imperialists have reached a fever pitch. Following a massive meltdown on all the world stock exchanges, Clinton is dribbling with desire to launch yet one more genocidal bombing attack on the hapless Iraqis... We have no love for the regime of Sadaam Hussein, however, in the face of the imperialist onslaught we call on the workers of the world to stand fully on the side of the Iraqi nation. We give military not political support to the Iraqi nation and its leadership. This sordid conflict now almost 10 years old is largely about regulating the world price of oil so that working class gasoline consumers can get gouged by US allies and petroleum companies rather than buy Iraqi oil for bargain basement prices. In the long run, petroleum is an ecological nightmare which will kill hundreds of millions of people by warming the planet and defrosting the polar ice. Even advocates of alternative energy won't tell you the truth, that the most viable energy solution in the short run comes from the marijuana plant, the most prolific producer of biomass that can be converted into Methanol. Planting fields of marijuana for fuel all over the world will suck in the greenhouse gas and balance the cycle. During the gulf war, the Generic Trotskyist League, then organized in the Camups Crusade for Cannabis called for labor strikes against the war... Defend Iraq... The US wants to talk about how much it abhors weapons of mass destruction. Let it start by destroying its weapons of mass destruction -- the only country that has ever dropped genocidal nuclear weapons wants to talk about other countries possession of weapons of mass destruction. Let it be known, most of Iraq's weaponry was purchased from the US, when the main scapegoat for the failure of American might around the world was Iran. The US encouraged Iraq to invade Iran and probably gave them the green light on Kuwait as well.