From: "DHKC informationbureau Amsterdam" 
               Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 17:47:56 +0000
                    Subject: G-7 Terror Summit

     The ministers of Foreign Affairs, the ministers of Interior
Affairs and the directors of the secret services of the USA,
Germany, Japan, France, England, Canada, Italy and Russia
participated in this summit of the seven most wealthy countries
of the world and Russia. On the agenda were the precautionary
measures against the national and social struggles against
imperialism and its fascist collaborators. The names of the PKK,
DHKP-C, IRA and ETA were on top in the "Terror" report of
imperialism, next to the Islamic organisations who defend armed
struggle. It is known that imperialism denounces states which
resist it and which refuse to accept its pressure, as well as the
organisations which fight imperialism as "terrorist states" and
"terrorist organisations". Each and everyone who opposes
imperialism fall into this category. And that's the way
imperialism tries to hide repression, threats, provocations,
plots and open attacks under the demogogy of "the fight against
     The history of imperialism is the history of guilt and
     The imperialists wage war against the states which insist on
socialism and independence, which do not bow for the imperialist
attacks, which refuse to agree with imperialism and its fascist
collaborating regimes. They wage war against the national
liberation movements. This war is planned and waged in the whole
world on all levels, military, ideologically, economically,
politically and culturally. It is imperialism with its regular
armies, its secret services, its police organisations and all its
organised terror that wages war against the peoples and the
people's liberation movements, it's imperialism and no one else.
The source of terror is found by those who prepare this "World
Terror Summit", the enemies of all people: imperialism. Every
minute of the policy of the imperialists against the peoples
constitutes terror, war and massacres. They constitute a crime.
To oppress the struggle of the people, imperialism - which
doesn't recognise any international decision - deploys unlimited
violence.  Hypocrisy is a characteristic of imperialism as well,
and it can not give it up.  The demagogy of imperialism of
phrases like "terrorist state" and "terrorist organisations"
everywhere where people fight against imperialism, has become
null and void.
     The "Terror Summit" cannot stop the struggle of our people.
     Of course, we do not expect praise from imperialism. We as
the Party-Front, and in the name of Turkey, consider it an honour
that the liberation struggle of the DHKP-C is classified as
"dangerous" in the reports of imperialism because it resolutely
defends socialism and does not accept co-operation with
imperialism.  The DHKP-C is a people's movement.  It's a movement
of the Turks, the Kurds, Laz, Cherkessians, Georgians, Arabs,
Syrians... It's the liberation front of the people, of the
different people who live on our soil.  It represents hope for a
independent and democratic future.  We invite all those who can
not recognise this truth to visit our country.  Everywhere where
there is exploitation and cruelty, everywhere where imperialism
rules, we do not conceive the struggle for independence and
freedom as terrorism.  On the contrary, we consider this struggle
as justified and as a most natural duty.  The "Terror Summits" of
imperialism can not controle the people who are prepared for
explosions everywhere in the world.  The "Terror Reports" of
imperialism cannot prevent that we will shock the world, also
from Turkey and Kurdistan.
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