Godehard Link (ed.):

One Hundred Years of Russell's Paradox.

Papers from the Munich Centenary Conference

Berlin: Walter de Gruyter 2004




1 Godehard LINK, Munich: Introduction. Bertrand Russell -- The Invention of Mathematical Philosophy

2 W. Hugh WOODIN, Berkeley: Set Theory After Russell. The Journey Back to Eden

3 Harvey M. FRIEDMAN, Ohio: A Way Out

4 Sy D. FRIEDMAN, Vienna: Completeness and Iteration in Modern Set Theory

5 Kai HAUSER, Berlin: Was sind und was sollen neue Axiome?

6 Gerhard JÄGER and Dieter PROBST, Bern: Iterating Sigma Operations in Admissible Set Theory Without Foundation: A Further Aspect of Metapredicative Mahlo

7 Solomon FEFERMAN, Stanford: Typical Ambiguity: Trying to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

8 Karl-Georg NIEBERGALL, Munich: Is ZF Finitistically Reducible?

9 Tobias HÜRTER, Hannover: Inconsistency in the Real World

10 Michael RATHJEN, Leeds and Ohio: Predicativity, Circularity, and Anti-Foundation

11 John L. BELL, Ontario: Russell's Paradox and Diagonalization in a Constructive Context

12 Peter SCHUSTER and Helmut SCHWICHTENBERG: Constructive Solutions of Continuous Equations

13 Kai F. WEHMEIER, Irvine: Russell's Paradox in Consistent Fragments of Frege's "Grundgesetze der Arithmetik"

14 Andrea CANTINI, Florence: On a Russellian Paradox about Propositions and Truth

15 Hartry FIELD, New York: The Consistency of the Naive Theory of Properties

16 Ulrich BLAU, Munich: The Significance of the Largest and Smallest Numbers for the Oldest Paradoxes

17 Nicholas GRIFFIN, McMaster: The Prehistory of Russell's Paradox

18 Gregory LANDINI, Iowa: Logicism's 'Insolubilia' and Their Solution by Russell's Substitutional Theory

19 Philippe DE ROUILHAN, Paris: Substitution and Types: Russell's Intermediate Theory

20 Francisco RODRÍGUEZ-CONSUEGRA, Valencia: Propositional Ontology and ,Logical Atomism

21 Bernhard LINSKY, Edmonton: Classes of Classes and Classes of Functions in Principia Mathematica

22 Allen HAZEN, Melbourne: A "Constructive" Proper Extension of Ramified Type Theory. The Logic of "Principia Mathematica", 2nd edition, Appendix B

23 Andrew D. IRVINE, Vancouver: Russell on Method

24 Volker PECKHAUS, Paderborn: Paradoxes in Göttingen

25 David Charles McCARTY, Indiana: David Hilbert and Paul Du Bois-Reymond: Limits and Ideals

26 Jan MYCIELSKI, Colorado: Russell's Paradox and Hilbert's (much Forgotten) View of Set Theory

27 Shaughan LAVINE, Arizona: Objectivity: The Justification for Extrapolation

28 Geoffrey HELLMAN, Minnesota: Russell's Absolutism vs.(?) Structuralism

29 Robert S. D. THOMAS, Manitoba: Mathematicians and Mathematical Objects

30 Holger STURM, Konstanz: Russell's Paradox and Our Conception of Properties, or: Why Semantics is No Proper Guide to the Nature of Properties

31 Vann McGEE, MIT: The Many Lives of Ebenezer Wilkes Smith

32 Albert VISSER, Utrecht: What Makes Expressions Meaningful? A Reflection on Contexts and Actions